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Fused Glass Artisan Jewelry

Surrender to Chance is proud to debut our line of fused glass jewelry! Trained in advanced and extreme glass fusing techniques by Tanya Veit, one of the finest fused glass artists in the world, each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and completely unique.  We kiln fire a few pieces at a time to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship and care go into your exquisite piece of wearable art.  

And I haven’t blown up my house yet firing things to 1500 degrees!

The Picasso technique is an extreme fused glass method that requires several layers of dichroic glass to be cut precisely, layered, fired multiple times and all the pattern etching is done by hand - requiring about five hours of work to produce one Picasso pendant.  That time and technique creates the chaotic Picasso look of mixed lines and bright colors. Picasso pendants are visually arresting, and you'll be stopped on the street by people wanting to know where you got it. My mom called dibs on the first Picasso piece I made, and every time she wears it, people compliment her on it and ask her where to get one.

The marble/stone “pillow” method is another of Tanya’s extreme glass fusing techniques.  Listen, working with Tanya is an adventure, there is nothing she won’t try, and she blows up a lot of things experimenting, but she is also doing things with glass that no one else is doing.

For the marble/stone “pillow” technique, we use either glass frit or powder and sift and/or layer colors through varying techniques to get the abstract artistic patterns in these pendants.  Again, each marble or stone fused glass piece is handcrafted, one at a time, with no piece being alike. 

The marble and stone fused glass techniques create contemporary, elegant pieces of jewelry that feel more organic than the Picasso pieces. Hey, sometimes you want some bling and sometimes you want something a little quieter.

We also have etched fused glass pendants with varying designs. If you have a design or something special you would like on a pendant, please request it, we are happy to do special orders to the extent we can create exactly what you want!

No two pieces will ever be the same, so if you find something you love, make sure to get it because once it is sold, there will never be another quite like it.  We will be adding new pieces as they are created, so check back regularly or just let us know if there is a piece you would like in a certain set of colors!




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