Customer Reviews

We are so excited to share with you what our fragrant family is saying about us:




I am very happy with my purchase. I absolutely love your selections on the sampler sets. Rose isnt a note that I would go to, by default, but I am glad I bought the rose sampler set you have. It certainly has different varieties of rose perfumes instead of typical ones. Really appreciate the thought you put into your selections.

Also, the spray varieties for your samples are a fantastic option.
Loved the packaging, loved the handwritten thanks..

Regards, Asha



You provide a great service to customers like me who have great memories of specific fragrances from our life. 

All we need is to smell a bit of the past to bring back a time of our lives that was joyous and timeless.
With much appreciation,




I’ve placed five orders within a pretty narrow amount of time. It is so exciting to discover new lines and new categories and to dive deep into my favorites. I love anything oceanic but have also learned to my surprise that I’m quite taken taken with the “old books” theme—something so ghostly and gothic about it, like dark academia. I urge you to explore and try something new!





Your company is the best. Great selection and cost wise for me since I am on a fixed income. You care about your customers and I greatly appreciate you. Frances



I just wanted to say thank you for the consistently fabulous service. I just received my third or fourth STC order and I have yet to have a single issue with your site. You guys rock!



Dear Patty White, Procurer of Magnificent Scents:

Thank you lots n lots for my perfumes! They are all I had hoped for, the packaging was lovely, and they arrived on my porch much sooner than I dared hope. I’m sitting here right now, just oohing & aahing over them. I will use & appreciate each one, and might even break down & gift one to my niece. I couldn’t be happier!  Jill




I just received my samples, and I couldn't be more thrilled. They arrived in perfect condition without even any leakage.
I look forward to sampling my new fragrances.
You have definitely earned me as a customer for life.
Keep up the fantastic work!!!
I have about 100 more fragrance samples that I will be ordering.

Respectfully Yours,




 Thank you!  I not only have re-ordered but I’ve told two friends about your site.  I think it’s great!  Especially the detailed descriptions and reviews.  That must have taken you a lot of time to input all that text.  Thank you for your great site and service!  Sarah 



 Great customer service, great selection, great explanations regarding the scent, great shipping. I have Great Expectations