Alkemia The Wild Atlantic Way Perfume

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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


The Wild Atlantic Way is a triple blessing of flowering trees and plants sacred to Ériu (a goddess of ancient Ireland who is often seen as a personification of the land itself) - yellow gorse, faerie hawthorn and broom blended with a dark mystery of seaside bog myrtle, peat moss and oceanic ambergris.

This is the alcohol free perfume, not an oil. It is also free of parabens, phthalates, PDGs and other unpleasant things. Alkemia is hand-blended and small batch perfumery using natural essences, ethically rendered accords, and lab-created aroma molecules.

Alkemia The Wild Atlantic Way Reviews

Fragrantica: "I love this fragrance. It reminds me of spring on the north-east-coast of Scotland. The gorse, broom and distant whiff of the sea work beautiful to recreate the landscape. Wonderful perfume."

Fragrantica: "I fell for this last summer, I actually only bought it for the name, I live close to that area & spend a lot of time there especially in summer. I also have a garden full of gorse and hawthorn hedges. The floral notes shouldn’t suit me but I discovered that gorse has a coconut vanilla type scent and is actually very nice. The notes are beautiful blended nothing particularly dominates, it’s perfect for a summers day. Light to moderate throw lasts about 4-5 hours."

Indie Scent Library: "Smell in the bottle isn’t particularly impressive, very musty and earthy, but boy oh boy am I glad I wore it anyway! On the skin, it becomes this beautiful soft sweet smell that’s very “my skin but better.” There’s still a slight boggy earthiness, but it’s very gentle, and it’s mostly a very clean smelling scent with a very slight floral nudge from the gorse or the hawthorn I guess. It’s such a gentle comforting scent. I am obsessed with this!"


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