Areej Le Doré was founded by Russian Adam as an extension of FeelOud, the company he owns that has been artisan-distilling wild oud oils for a number of years. Being a producer of pure essential oil of agarwood and sandalwood of the highest caliber, Areej Le Doré is able to use some of their own exclusive, wild and organic oils, as well as having the opportunity to select the very best ingredients from reputable producers and suppliers from all around the globe. They combine Russian culture and Arabian and French perfumery.

Each perfume composed by Russian Adam is comprised of 25-30% aromatic compounds of which 70-90% are natural, rare, raw materials. Only the very best aromatic materials are used, many of which have been completely forgotten by modern perfumery due to extreme rarity, prohibitively high costs and difficulty of procurement. Each of their fragrances has at least one of these ingredients - a rare rose otto from Afghanistan, an exclusive, wild Malaysian blue agarwood oil, a unique, silky smooth oud from Sri Lanka, or legally-obtained, macerated deer musk grains from Siberia.

The fragrances are hand-blended, bottled and numbered in limited quantities so that each bottle is created from the same batch of distilled materials. Once these bottles are sold out, the fragrance will not be recreated. Russian Adam believes that fragrances should not be put out under the same name if they are coming from different batches or from different raw materials. The prices of his fragrances are based on the cost of its materials. In a review from Kafkaesque, Russian Adam said that the Bengali oud used in Walimah was a particularly expensive one and its grade was so high-end that it is not used for perfume purposes. Russian Adam said that his distiller friend made an oil out of it only as a personal favor to him. 087

Areej Le Doré is a company to watch, they are creating some rare and beautiful fragrances.