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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Because of the pandemic we are all unable to do a lot of the things that we love to do. But perhaps trying one of these "memory" or "atmospheric" samplers will bring back, through scent, the memories of what you once experienced. We've also used fragrances from a number of small perfumers. We love finding these smaller perfumers and thought this would be a nice time to share them with you.

A campfire is a fire at a campsite that provides light, warmth, heat for cooking, insect and predator deterrent and a beacon. But perhaps more importantly, campfires represent the bonding between campers and nature and evoke feelings of togetherness. One of the most endearing and sacred parts of summer camp is the campfire. More than just wood lit with a match, it’s an intimate part of the camping experience that goes far beyond simply sitting around a fire. Each camp has a set of traditions uniquely connected to the campfire experience and, to campers, each tradition is significant. The campfire is the very place where many children recall the moment when their campmates and counselors became family while singing songs, roasting s’mores and engaging in campfire activities. 

Is there a person who doesn't love the smell of a campfire? I know there are some who love it way more than others, (Yes, I'm the one the next day with my head buried in my clothing sniffing out the last bits for those smoky notes!) But these fragrances also include lots of other notes like marshmallow, leaves, pine, s'mores, incense and vanilla.

You will receive a 1/2ml sample (1ml sample vial filled half full) of each of the fragrances in this sampler. You also have the option of choosing a 1ml sampler.  

Soivohle Woodfire & Rain Absolute Oil Parfum - Notes of coriander, galbanum, Virginia and Hiba cedar, Bois des Landes (a woodland natural essence from Robertet), Valspice (a spicy, campfire smoke fragrance with nuances of deep fruit and leather), sandalwood and ambrette musk. 

Tauer Perfumes Lonesome Rider EDP - Andy Tauer continues the narrative of his perfume Lonestar Memories where he talked about the Lonesome Rider. Andy says that this Lonesome Rider is a cowboy wearing a clean white shirt. It is not as dirty and smoky as Lonestar Memories but shares the same ruggedness and meditative nature.​ It opens with a dry citrus accord and a whiff of charred wood from a campfire followed by a gentle, spiced rose note, iris and incense notes. With notes of citruses, spices, pepper, iris, rose, incense, leather, vetiver, sandalwood and ambergris. 

Firebird Campfire Perfume Oil - A sweet and smoky blend of warm maple sugar, charred marshmallow and smoldering firewood. 

Firebird Cinders Perfume Oil - Burning leaves, woodsmoke, and creamy, smoky raw beeswax. This is the fragrance of campfires, of a hearth fire, or of a cabin in the mountains heated by a wood stove and lit with candles. It's the smell on your clothes from tending that fire. 

Austin Press Sanctum Collection Cowboy Camp Perfume Oil - Rustic fragrance that will transport you to a night outdoors admiring the stars in the warmth of the campfire. With notes of midnight campfire, dirty denim, tobacco, horsehair and sappy pine. 

Xyrena Camp Xyrena Extrait de Parfum - Captures the many facets of the classic camping experience. It is built on a wilderness accord of cedarwood, pine, sandalwood and warm styrax resin with notes of damp earth, leaves and ozone plus a generous amount of birch tar oil so you can literally smell the smoky campfire. This woody base was then fused with a gourmand s'more accord of cinnamon graham cracker, melted milk chocolate and toasted marshmallow. It dries down into the cozy, immediately recognizable yet hard-to-describe scent most of us just refer to as "that post-camping smell". 

ForStrangeWomen Fireside Story Perfume Oil - Fireside Story opens with a smoky bouquet of woods burning in a campfire. Traces of leaves, pine cones and dried resins crackle in this smooth incense that remains close to the body. A sweet vanilla undertone creates the perfect setting for a ghost story. 

Solstice Scents Smoky Mountain Mallow EDP - A very smoky and lightly sweet scent reminiscent of the smell of chimney smoke in the cold winter air and the comforting aroma of the fireside. It is rich and warm and smells of campfire smoke that clings to your clothes and burning woods with a hint of soot, char, ashes and glowing embers all at once. The sweet marshmallow adds a creaminess that rounds out the strong smoky profile. This scent is more smoke than marshmallow. The marshmallow will come out a bit more the longer it wears on the skin. Initial application of this scent is very smoky, akin to burning wood and campfire smoke with a little sweetness underneath and a whiff of nutmeg essential oil. 


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