Basenotes Fragrance Awards Sample Sets

Basenotes Fragrance Awards are reader-voted awards that take place every year.  Well, not always every year, there was a bit of a gap there.

What is Basenotes?  Basenotes is a fragrance community that is passionate about fragrance.  They publish fragrance news and interviews with perfumers, interviews with perfume brands about new launches.  They have hosted fragrance projects like the ones done with AbdesSalaam Attar and the Oud Caravan project.

Basenotes has an astounding database of fragrances - year created, who the perfumer was, notes, as well as reviews for those perfumes by their users/readers.

Users can create their own blogs on Basenotes, talking about what they like, what they don't like and their journey through fragrance.

Probably the single biggest area where most people spend their time is the Basenotes forum.  From posting a question like "Why do people want to smell like detergent?" or "Which one of these should I buy" in the Just Starting Out section to "Men wearing Women's Fragrances?" (seriously, all guys should read through this thread, it's been going since 2005, it is enlightening about how we have all just blithely went along with someone's - who? - idea of what women and men should smell like, down to the list of "approved" notes that won't make you smell unmanly.  Don't let me get started on this topic. Men smell amazing in gardenia and rose.  Okay, I'll stop, go read the thread) in the Fragrance Industry and General Fragrance Discussion to "Musc Koublai Kahn vs. Musc Ravageur" (is this like Mothra vs. Godzilla?) and "5 Greatest Male Fragrances of All time" in the Male Fragrance Discussion to finding a great split of Le Labo Rose 31 or swapping some decants of your Creeds for Frederic Malle decants in the Bottle Splits Board or Items for Swap section.

Basenotes is an incredible resource, not just for the awards, but as a place to go when you are new and ask "hey, what is the best iris fragrance?"