CB I Hate Perfume CBMUSK Musk Reinvention Water Perfume

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CB I Hate Perfume CBMUSK Musk Reinvention Water Perfume sample & decant
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 CB I Hate Perfume CBMUSK Musk Reinvention was made to represent a more true version of Tonkin Musk, which is no longer available in its natural form.  Synthetic musks can be difficult to produce accurately, but Chrisopher Brosius did an amazing job with this. Deeply sensual and animalic, wear by itself, or use it as a base to amp up some more 'innocent" scentsThis is the Water Perfume.\


CB I Hate Perfume CBMUSK Musk Reinvention Water Perfume Reviews

Perfume Posse - "Gloriously mucky. You smutty little minx. It’s enough to make a man hetero…"

Basenotes - "A warm civet-y musk that isolates the sweaty crotch facet of MKK and sweetens it a tad. Somewhat dank and gooey, it smells like skin, but also like a musty room or an old store. There’s a murmur of mushroom, hints of something rubbery, and a whisper of ambrette, but it’s predominantly a civet blend over a dry synth woody-amber. As far as musks go, it does the job really well, but it’s very specific, and carnality is clearly its main agenda. I could see this being worn by itself to good, pervy effect, but it could also function as a way to sex up something more chaste. Fun, surprisingly cozy stuff for those who aren’t offended by perfumes that are a bit raunchy."

Fragrantica: "Undeniably animalic, rich, and powerfully musky/musty with golden honey tones alongside some fungal decay. CHALLENGING. I can see this being my newest love/hate obsession. For now I'll click 'like' because it has my attention, that's for sure. DO NOT OVERAPPLY!!"



Perfume Name  CB I Hate Perfume CBMUSK Musk Reinvention
Year Introduced  2004
Perfumer  Christopher Brosius
Gender  Unisex
Strength  Water Perfume
Notes  Musk
Country of Origin  United States

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