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Clive Christian X for Men
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Perfume Name Clive Christian X Men
Year Introduced 2001
Perfumer Geza Schoen
Gender Masculine
Strength EDP, eau de parfum
Notes Bergamot, spices, cardamom, ginger, and juniper berry, sambac oil, jasmine hedione, pimento oil, orris, amber, vetiver oil, cedarwood, moss, cinnamon, and vanilla
Country of Origin England 


Clive Christian X for Men was launched in 2001, created by Geza Schoen.  Clive Christian X for Men is jasmine ratcheted up with spices, and it is an amazing fragrance to wear - great sillage and smells great - rich, luxurious, and you just want to bury your nose in it. Clive Christian X for Men skews a little masculine, but it's definitely unisex and has a large fan following amongst women.  Even those of us that pretty much abhor the pricing on this line and the marketing have a secret stash of this because you love to wear it. 

Victoria Christian in an interview noted that in her years of selling to customers, she remembers most vividly when Goldie Hawn flew in dressed completely in white, grabbed Clive Christian X for Women, sprayed it around the room, then sprayed it all over herself. She came back in some time later with Kurt Russell, and they bought both Clive Christian X for Women for her and Clive Christian X for Men for him.



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