A fragrance company located in Grasse,  Des Filles à la Vanille has a large line of both eau de parfum and eau de toilette fragrances.  Some of the fragrances are available only in Europe.  Their perfumes are centered mostly around patchouli, musk, vanilla and amber.  Since perfume has always been associated with love, they have chosen original poetic names for their fragrances, some more romantic than others.  In their romance line they have fragrances named: “Rendez-vous à Venise” (Meeting in Venice), “Epouse-moi, je t’aime” (I love you, will you marry me), “Maman, je t’aime pour la vie” (Mum, I’ll love you forever), “Petit papillon de lune” (Butterfly by moonlight) and “Revka mon ocean” (Revka my ocean).

Des Filles a la Vanille started in the south of France in Cannes in the 1980's with the fragrance “Bazar de Reves”.  They currently have numerous shops in Paris with a mix of fun, romantic clothing, jewelry, accessories and perfume all at very reasonable prices. It's a very vibrant, playful store and their fragrances are a true reflection of that.  They also have a line of beautifully scented candles.

Their philosophy, as François Coty used to say, is “to give to a woman the best product” and they feel that they do that with their beautiful simplicity and reasonable prices.

This is a joyous, delicate, fun line of fragrances that are well reviewed on various sites around the Internet.  They have a nice mix of lighter, sweeter vanilla fragrances and darker, sexy patchouli and amber fragrances.  Their Princesse Hippie fragrances (Patchouli, Ambre and Vanille) are very indicative of their brand – fun, easy-to-wear fragrances.

A couple of their more popular fragrances are Vanilla Girls – a beautiful sweet blend of vanilla, orange and musk, and Vanille Intime Secret – a gorgeous vanilla, patchouli and sweet almond scent.

Des Filles a la Vanille

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