O'Drui is an Italian perfume company that launched their first perfume in 2011.  Angelo Orazio Pregoni is the perfumer for this perfume house.  In 2013, they launched Peety and Eva Kant.  Both were based on a diabolical cartoon character, and the indtroduction of these two perfumes marked a change in how the company positioned itself in the perfume market.

Peety has the novel concept of allowing complete personalization of the perfume through the addition of drops of pee.  Now, don't get all cringy thinking about it.  The use of the more personal parts of animals has long been used in perfumery. Someone added ambergris, musk and civet to perfumes at some point, and that isn't exactly a public domain thing as far as the whale, musk deer and civet cat are concerned.  We haven't done the experiment yet, but plan to.

O'Drui is not a novelty perfume company. They present great perfumes that are animalic and pretty great if you like your perfume skanky. These are some of the perfume samples my cat went crazy for when I left them on the coffee table.


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