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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Penhaligon's Amaranthine is discontinued and hard to find, but is so worth smelling.  Originally launched in 2009, created by Bertrand Duchaufour, it is an oriental floral. The notes from Penhaligon's "corrupted floral oriental for moments when everything is anticipation."  An interesting shape-shifter perfume that ends up different on everyone. It has nicknames like Amarhanthigh for it's smutty qualities on some people, and Ambiguithine for how it just changes on everyone.  It was sad when Penhaligon's discontinued it, it is the most interesting scent they ever produced.  Cumin isn't listed as a note, but it is there or some combination that recreates that distinctive sweaty note.  

Notes of palm leaf, cardamom, freesia, coriander, tea, ylang, carnation, clove, jasmine, orange flower, rose, milk, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka and musk.

It is an eau de parfum, edp.

Penhaligon's Amaranthine Reviews

From Olfactoria's Travels - "A milky note, that is very prominent to my nose, manages to make the perfume at once comforting, nurturing and warm as well as sensual, smooth and languid. It is adding a naughty element. That toe-curling element, that eye-rolling element, that shiver-down-the-spine element… What I love most about Amaranthine is that is one of those perfume that makes me swoon, makes me rave, makes me gush about it, it touches me, it engages me, it wakes emotions, it makes words rush out of me to try and describe what it can do, so you can feel what I feel."

From Perfume Posse - "From its peculiar, discordant wet/green top notes right through the sweaty, heady florals and on to a drydown someone on Basenotes described (not lovingly) as burnt milk, Amaranthine is a head-scratcher.  The Penhaligon’s website says “Amaranthine is a corrupted floral oriental for those private moments when everything is anticipation,” and certainly the cumin-like presence throughout (which signifies sweat for many of us) indicates something corrupt and perhaps private is going on.   The word amaranthine indicates both eternal, unfading beauty and (as related to the flower) a deep purple-red, and at least on me, Amaranthine is close to eternal – I get a good 24 to 36 hours of fun, and I wouldn’t want to overspray.  I am not BD’s number-one fangirl but I found this both extraordinary and (once you know that offputting wet-tin-fork top is going to fade) quite beautiful.  Playing with it more, particularly in our recent spate of 90-degree days, I’ve also decided Duchaufour’s having us on a bit.  Once Amaranthine’s finished with the lap dance, it flops down next to me on the couch, shifts the wool afghan over a bit, wraps its arms around me, and settles in for a nap.  Yes, it’s true.  Amaranthine is in fact a comfort scent in the drydown."

From Grain de Musc - "The scent’s development is truly labyrinthine, with every flower in the hothouse engaging in duets, trios and choruses in turn, with wafts from the spice garden and the orchard where exotic fruit are slowly ripening and fermenting…When Amaranthine finally drowns in a lush, milky sandalwood and musk base, petals strewn all over the plantation, she has shed her last shred of propriety. And she’s ready to take the consequences."

From Basenotes - "Some perfumes, rather than attempting to stop perfume time (Bulgari Black), embrace it wholeheartedly. Such is the case with Penhaligon's Amaranthine, which is a pretty white floral one moment and a husky come-on the next, resulting from milky lactones deepening a familiar fruity-floral structure. Great, unpretentious fun, and interesting all the way through."

From Basenotes - "Green/white floral and jungle green. Tropical over-ripeness and sweat. The opening makes my mind shout "Heart of Darkness" while picturing some place hot, green and lush - the Amazon, Thailand, Hawaii. A dark and tangled rainforest with white flowers blooming within. Under and over and through it all is the spicy tang of sweat - like the fetchingly soaked cotton shirt of our heroine as she pushes her way through the forbidding foliage. There is the anticipation of a mysterious encounter. A fine tension, as Off-scenter so aptly noted."

From Reddit - "This is Penhaligon's most carnal offering. But it's still Penhaligon's. They have the Royal Warrant: you will never see "skank" quartered on their coat of arms next to a gryphon. No Ho'. It never goes over the line to sluttiness. She's still a lady, similar to how vintage Dior Diorissimo is a lady,. Amaranthine is more mature, but has a similar playful, teasing sexiness."




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