Roja Dove Elixir Pour Femme Essence de Parfum

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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Elixir Pour Femme Essence de Parfum brings all the sensual and seductive power of Elixir to a brighter, lighter, totally wearable Essence concentration that's perfect for every situation from work to play. This Amber Floral fragrance features a top note of bergamot; middle notes of lily of the valley, geranium, rose de Mai, jasmine de Grasse, ylang-ylang, heliotrope, violet, raspberry and peach; and base notes of violet leaves, cinnamon, cedarwood, cashmere wood, sandalwood, vanilla, orris, ambrette and musk. Released in 2019, Roja Dove has this to say about the fragrance: "Fragrance is like a magical elixir: invisible, a single drop can transform you into a goddess. It has the power to make you feel irresistible, confident, and seductive - where anything is possible. This magical elixir exudes effortless sensuality - giving you the power to light up a room, to leave an impression, and to get what you want.” 

Reviews of Roja Dove Elixir Pour Femme Essence de Parfum 

Fragrantica - I agree with those who've said this has a stunning opening, it really does. This smells light, fruity, powdery, and sweet. There's a sort of underlying woodiness & muskiness to it but it's very soft and muted. The brilliant raspberry and peach notes stand out to me more than anything else. They're divine, they sparkle. The raspberry and peach notes fade to a powdery rose-floral fragrance. The rose in this is soft, sensual, feminine, and powdery. The powdery notes, clean musks, & woody notes in the base give this fragrance a complex, nuanced aroma. This isn't particularly unique, raspberry-rose fragrances are common. However, it is an intricately blended fragrance. Unfortunately it doesn't last long, maybe five hours. Projection is soft. 

Basenotes - The opening reveals a garden of fragrant flowers, with a bright rose and lots of muguet. This is mixes with an ylang-ylang that is a bit creamy but not heavy and blends in well. A bit of a ripe peach impression adds transient fruity moments, assisted by a discrete raspberry. Whilst touches of tuberose and and geranium come and go, touches of heliotropes add hints of spice in an otherwise rather spice-free affair. At a later stage a dark violet is added - mainly the leaves, but then woods gradually start to arrive and dominate to floral side increasingly. I get cedar mainly, some sandalwood with touches cashmere wood and whiffs of oak. An ambery orris root adds touches of spice - but this is the only spice I get, and a rather faint one it is indeed. Whilst the florals supplied the sweetness of this creation at an earlier stage, now a vanilla and faint note of cinnamon add their sweet share to the whole. Restrained white musks are detectable towards the end. I get moderate sillage, good projection, and six hour of longevity on my skin. A rich flora with a subsequent woody phase, made of good-quality ingredients, with a lively balance with a pleasant sweetnesss that is never cloying or intrusive.




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