Sixteen92 Bruise Violet

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Sixteen92 Bruise Violet sample & decant
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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Sixteen92 Bruise Violet is from an indie brand and first released in summer 2016.  Created by Claire Baxter, it was inspired by Riot Grrl and other 90s girl rock.  A part of the permanent collection, it received praise from Luca Turn and won the 2017 Art + Olfaction Awards - Artisan. Notes of red lipstick accord, dusting powder, white iris, violet leaf, Damascus & Bulgarian rose and red grapefruit zest.

 Sixteen92 Bruise Violet Reviews

Basenotes - "This is not the bright and loud makeup smell of Malle's Lipstick Rose - the bright parma violets and fizzy rose with the light rice powder. Rather this is a more elegant, rose petals in the bath, violet petal soap, light body powder or pressed powder. Violet and rose are the real stars."

Basenotes - "Delicate. Powdery flowers like I've not smelled before. Lipstick in pale pink. Faint rose petals. Clouds of memories from another time. Suberb! Wispy violet. Smiling iris. Need more..."

Basenotes - "The lighthearted delicate, powdery lilt of the opening is charming and affecting. This is full-on expression of the inside of my mother’s makeup box. Its fragrance had such power to bring to you a quiet, still moment and the ability to stop time and envelop you in a hush in a way I never understood. When Bruise Violet dries down it brings out for me a butch makeup accord, wrapped in subtle leather, Ooh, nice. That the drydown is as strong as the top and middle and brings it to a satisfying end makes this one stand out in a time of top-loading and weak endings."

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