Tauer Perfumes Tauerville Hyacinth and a Mechanic

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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Three fragrances from the Tauerville Stories collection were released for one month through LuckyScent. The Stories collection is a concept by Andy Tauer where the fragrances are available only at an in-person store appearance by Andy himself. But to celebrate LuckyScent's 15th anniversary, he allowed the Stories collection to be made available online for one month only allowing everyone access to his personal Stories collection. 

Perfume is storytelling, says Andy. Perfume comes with a beginning and an end. And in between is the story that unfolds differently for everybody. It is a story that cannot be explained by notes or ingredients. It lives on skin and in the moment. Perfume must be experienced. 

Hyacinth and a Mechanic made its first debut in 2007. The bottle was a one of a kind scent that Andy Tauer created and then sent on a journey. His idea was to send the bottle to his fans all over the world, one sending the bottle to another, trying it out and leaving feedback on how it impressed them. It was a great concept that took perfume lovers back to the core of all art: to communicate emotions, ideas and thoughts. The bottle began its journey from Boston, which was its first stop and like precious contraband it traveled hand to hand to various destinations. 

According to Andy himself Hyacinth and a Mechanic is "a floral scent, a bouquet of powdery lilacs, green hyacinths and gentle lily of the valley. A bouquet of May flowers, in the hand of a mechanic with an undertone of oily skin."

It is an eau de toilette, edt.

From cafleurbon (from 2007)

So why write about HAAM when it's unavailable; simply because it's gorgeous! And strange. And compelling. The notes of Hyacinth and a Mechanic are listed as: "Hyacinth; spicy green floral beauty. Some roses, maybe. In the air: the toolbox, the woods of workbenches, the sweet oily perfume of a garage and men at work. Leather, oily skin and flowers." This is a gorgeous melange of heady purple floral strewn out on a concrete garage floor, the narcotic spring-like scent mixing with the smells of oil, metal, petrachor...the totally recognizable smell of a garage. With pots and pots of hyacinth. Flowers and hot rubber tires and sweat. A scent that straddles the vague delineation between masculine and feminine, hetero and homo-erotic.

From Scented Salamander (from 2007)

Hyacinth and a Mechanic is one of the latest creations by perfumer Andy Tauer. The evocative, slightly incongruous title of the fragrance refers to the initial vision of a rough mechanic covered with just the ideal amount of grease and holding a bouquet of dainty hyacinths.

On the whole, the project reinforces the poetic impact perfume can have on our lives. Imagine, just imagine for a moment such a well-traveled perfume/mechanic arriving at your doorstep. It puts down its bags, gives you a hug, sits down on your couch and shows you all his tattoos and souvenir touristy stickers on his luggage. He is tired and would love to put up his feet, maybe take a nap - if you don't mind. You were enchanted by your first olfactory impression of your guest. As he falls asleep, the Mechanic exudes more intoxicatingly than ever all the essences that were put in him and this is how he smells:

His clothes/bottle of perfume already let out some incense-y, resinous, iris-y and other flowery impressions filtering out towards you. As you take off his cap, the floral bouquet becomes truly succulent, intoxicating, and rich, with green and fresh accents appearing. Next, a drop or two of his sweat smells like strident, intense flowers with a leathery undertone and a sharp note reminiscent of the rawness of urine, honey, hay and wet Cheerios. There is a little whiff of gasoline making its way among the profuse petals of flowers which take on a 3-D dimension and feel like a close-up in Technicolor of a gorgeous, lush bouquet stretched on the canvas in a panoramic vision. The bouquet is held by a callous, tanned hand covered with oil and smelling of recently held metal tools.

The bouquet of flowers becomes slightly powdery remaining green and fresh. The heat of the flowers wane somewhat but remains strong for a long time. The dry down is powdery, incense-y, smoky, resinous, root-y and features some of the "Tauerinade" or Tauer's signature base.



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