Top 10 Niche Perfume Lines 2016

Our picks for the  Top Ten Niche Perfume Lines of 2016.  

  1. Zoologist  -  innovative, with the cutest bottle packaging I've ever seen.  Centered on animals/birds, it has perfumes like Beaver, Hummingbird, Macaque.
  2. Hiram Green - This line has been sheer brilliance - Dilettante (orange blossom) and Moon Bloom (tuberose) are some of the prettiest perfumes I've ever worn.  This year's release, Arbole, is green, vanilla and tonka.  Innovative and beautiful.
  3. Parfums Dusita - very classical French, it took people who love old-school perfumes by storm last year.  The tobacco-hay Issara and the rich Oudh Infini are spectacular, but I loved the gardenia-centered Melodie.  More perfumes due to release soon in an EDP.
  4. Atelier des Ors - also very French, Lune Feline has notes of cinnamon, cardamom, ambergris, styrax,vanilla, Peru Balsam and musk.  It is rich and lovely.  While we all await very impatiently the much lauded in early reviews Iris Fauve due to be released early 2017.
  5. Masque Milano - their Russian Tea was the perfume in this line that made me pay attention, then they followed it up with the narcissus-centric Romanza this year.  Make sure not to miss L'Atessa, a beautiful iris.
  6. Papillon Salome is the smutty little devil that pushed this niche perfume line into the spotlight, and it is still the perfume that makes me laugh every time I smell it.  
  7. Neela VermeireThis isn't as new, but any time I can heap some love on Neela's perfumes, I will.  Due out in early 2017 with an osmanthus perfume, this makes it a must-try.  Creating her perfumes in collaboration with Bertrand Duchaufour, they are based on childhood smell memories.  
  8. Orlov Star of the Season, a smutty gourmand from Dominique Ropion.  Perfect, and the others in the line are also beautiful, I just never got very far past this one.
  9. Nabucco yeah, I know, they are impossible, but they had to go on the list because they are amazing, even in light of how many hurdles I had to leap over for the shipping to the United States.  Parfum oils that are rich, resinous. Amatys has notes of coriander, heliotrope, almond, jasmine, vanilla, honey, velvet flower, violet, woods, gourman notes and musk.   There, now you have heard of a great niche brand absolutely nobody knows about.
  10.  La Curie -  Incendo burst onto the scene this year winning an Art and Olfaction Award.  And for good reason - smoldering smoke and ashes, it was one of my favorite releases this year.  Until I tried the rest of the line, and they are all great
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