Vero Profumo

Vero Profumo perfume shop in Switzerland was established in 2007, creating niche perfumes. The creative mind behind it is Vero Kern.  She spent five years formulating her first three extraits, Onda, Kiki and Rubj, before she released them with the launch of Vero Profumo (.vero.profumo).

Vero Kern is a classical perfumer creating unique niche fragrances, and from the moment she launched her first perfumes into the world, perfumista-land rejoiced. They are beautiful, classic, beautifully constructed, and so much fun to wear.  

Vero Profumo Onda feels very much like the long discontinued and much loved and incredibly weird Guerlain Djedi.  But better, because you can still buy it for something approaching reasonable instead of not at all or only for more money than exists in the world.

Vero Profumo Kiki is a revelation. Notes of Lavender, powdery caramel, musk, and exotic fruits.  You know, the first time I read that list of notes, I - well, here's a little bit from my Vero Profumo Kiki review back in 2008. " of those weird desserts that they roll out to your table that your dining companion insisted on.  You are sitting there with your nose turned up at the very idea that you would like this, you like none of these things separately and together is just revolting – they don’t even belong in the same bowl - but as you dig in, you find yourself realizing that lavender and caramel are a lovely contrast and why didn’t someone tell you how perfect they were together?:

Vero Profumo Rubj is an opulent white floral with a very earthy grounding.  The EDP formulation was changed a little. From March's notes - "because now the drama centers around cumin.  And when I say “centers around cumin,” I mean Rubj EdP showcases cumin the same way the dancing hippos in Fantasia tend to take up a little space on the stage.  The new Rubj is definitely for hardcore cumin freaks, and most likely hell for everyone else."

I could fill this page with praise and reviews from perfume blogs about all three of the Vero Profumo scents.

Vero Profumo will launch her four perfume, Mito, in September 2012.

Try a Vero Profumo perfume sample pack of all three fragrances because, really, you want to try them all!

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