VINTAGE - Weil Chinchilla Royal Perfume

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VINTAGE - Weil Chinchilla Royal Perfume
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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


VINTAGE - Weil Perfumes Chinchilla Royal Parfum Extrait

Year Introduced: 1927 - Feminine

Notes: Top notes of aldehydes and bergamot; middle notes of jasmine, rose, orange blossom and ylang-ylang; and base notes of civet, sandalwood, ambergris, musk, patchouli, labdanum and oakmoss


An excerpt from a review by Mimi FrouFrou:

Chinchilla Royal was an innovative perfume created as a functional scent designed to be worn directly applied onto furs to cover the slightly musty smell that emanated from sable pelts. It was advertised as "Strictly an odor for furs." To reinforce the point, the perfume was advertised as a fragrance that had been chemically treated to scent the elegant woman's furs without damaging them...

An excerpt from Weil Perfumes Blogspot:

In 1927, Marcel Weil of Les Fourrures Weil created Parfums Weil with their advertisements of “perfumes for furs”. These were based on a direct request from a regular client for a perfume suitable for wearing on furs. These were their first commercial perfumes and they were advertised that they were guaranteed not to harm the furs.

Chinchilla was classified as an aldehydic floral fragrance for women and described as rich with jasmine and roses to evoke the splendor of the Persian and Indian Empires.

An excerpt from a review on Basenotes:

Although wearing furs has been politically incorrect since the late 1980s, prior to that time from cavemen onwards, animal fur garments were the only way to keep warm in the winter. In the 1920s through the 1950s, it was also the height of fashion for ladies’ winter apparel. Fur abounded in coats, wraps, stoles, hats and muffs. The animals used ranged from mink through sable, fox, ermine and chinchilla down to the lowly bear, muskrat and beaver.

In 1928 the House of Weil created four perfumes designed to be worn on furs in order to counteract any animalic smell remaining from the tanning process. Oddly enough most of these contained animalic oils (ambergris, civet, musk, castoreum), which when mixed with other perfume oils, actually transformed the scent of the garment through olfactory suggestion. These Weil scents were: Hermine (Ermine); Zibeline (Sable); Une Fleur Pour Fourrure (A Flower for Furs); and Chinchilla Royal (Chinchilla).

Chinchilla Royal combined notes of rose and jasmine to “evoke the splendor of the Persian and Indian Empires.” Slightly sweet, deep, and luxuriant, Chinchilla Royal immediately brings to mind a number of comparison perfumes (Madame Rochas, Arpege and Mon Peche), as well as bearing a close resemblance to Weil’s own Zibeline. Although rich, it is at the same time light and ethereal. One would expect a heaviness from the septet of base notes, but this is not the case. It is unisex by today’s standards and could be worn by any age group, though the mature individual might best pull it off. Well-rounded, warm, gentle and mellow. Tres sophisticated.

A real gem from the house of Weil and worth seeking out.

An excerpt from a review on Perfume Shrine:

Fur in itself is a material which holds fragrance extremely well (although it’s strongly discouraged by the best furriers in the field to protect the pelts), often for generations which manage to make a simple hand-me-down the object of adoration and an infinite memory capsule.

However Parfums Weil is the most characteristic example of fur perfumes, being the perfumery offshoot of Parisien furrier, Les Fourrures Weil (Weil Furs), established in 1927. Furriers since 1912, well before they became purveyors of fine fragrance, the venture of the founder Alfred and his brothers Marcel and Jacques into perfume resulted from the direct request of a client for a fragrance suitable to fur wearing. Weil obligingly capitulated to the request and produced scents that would guarantee not to harm the fur itself, yet mask the unwelcome musty tonality that fur coats can accumulate after a while. The names are quite literal: Zibeline (sable), Hermine (ermine), Chinchilla Royal (chinchilla) and Une Fleur pour Fourrure (A Flower for Furs).

Chinchilla was discontinued in 1963.

We are decanting out of an unopened bottle of the original parfum extrait version of this fragrance.

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