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Take a look around, make yourself comfortable. Surrender to Chance was born on a trip to Morocco and crystalized as a life philosophy on a sand dune at dawn in the Sahara desert.  

Surrender is not giving up or waving the white flag. It is taking a deep breath and flowing into life as a part of it. It is being open to life's possibilities. Chance isn't a random dice game where you cross your fingers and hope it all turns out okay.  It is being aware of all that is around you, and when life opens up a new door in an unexpected way, taking a chance that it is there for a reason and that stepping through it could be a great idea.  

That's how we feel about perfume. From the time we first started searching for the perfect fragrance in earnest, we tried things that sounded awful - and sometimes were - but the experience left us with a better idea of what we liked and didn't like, which was practical, but it slowly changed us.  We started really loving the weird and odd, seeking out (okay, begging our friends shamelessly to send us a scent called "Humanity") that arrived up the front steps a couple of minutes before the postman did, reeking of sweat and urine and skin and other things that go bump in the night, and it was amazing, even though the smell didn't leave the house for days after we packed it up in bubble wrap, aluminum foil, four baggies and some paper towels and sent it off to the next crazy perfumista who had begged to smell it.

No, it wasn't a pleasant smell, but you respected the vision behind it because it was created by someone who was fearless and uncompromising. There is an artistry in fragrance that calls us to appreciate even the things we don't love and sometimes hate. But you have to surrender to the journey, leaving all of your ideas of what you think you will like behind you. Chance may lead you to something you never knew you would love, or it may confirm that you were right about what you didn't like. Either way, the journey will be fun.  Because, of course, perfume is fun! 

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"Thanks so much for the excellent customer service and all the amazing specials. Love the site and I really appreciate all you do for your customers! :)”

 Warmly,  Sarah


"Got first part of my first order today!!! Was not sure what it was until i opened the box!!! Thank you so much for my favorite Clive Christian 1872!!!! And pretty packaging with delicious candy :) Best customer service!"



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This is just an example, and in no way reflects the views of Surrender to Chance.