Help me Choose

So what do we do here at STC?

We have thousands of perfumes in inventory.  When you order, we hand decant the perfume from our manufacturer's bottle into the size of sample or decant your ordered, we label each vial/bottle clearly.  If you want to know see what size would work, check out our size chart.  If you're still not quite sure about this perfume sample thing, this will help.

What are you looking for?  

Do you have a bottle or four of fragrance sitting on your dresser that's like the guy in the cubicle at work nobody has any idea what they do besides surf the internet all day?  You have them around, they should be hard at work making you smell irresistible, but instead they sit on their round bottoms all day and collect dust.

New to perfume or have worn maybe one or two scents every, um, decade?  How do you find something new from the thousands of bottles out there?  

Where should you start? If you are pretty new to fragrance - maybe you've bought a bottle or two or were gifted some, but nothing has every seemed like it's really you - start in our introduction samplers for scents by:

  • classification
  • men
  • women
  • notes

After you've placed your order and your samples show up in your mailbox, don't  - I know you'll ignore this advice, and I hope your nose forgives you for it in the morning - start dotting them all over your arms at one sitting. This is the equivalent of carpet bombing your nose.

Once your nose has recovered, try them one or two at a time, make notes on what you like and don't like.  Try them again a few days later. Yes, even the icky one that made your face screw up like you just inhaled a fly.  

You may find that some notes you love and huff on like scented crack. Do I really need to tell you to pay special attention to those? They got somethin' in there that makes your toes curl - fragrantly speaking.

I Know What I Want!  (sorta)

More definite on what you are looking for in terms of brand or classification already because, you know, you've got the unloved perfume bottles on your dresser to prove it?  Then just go on in and start on the list below.  If you have a suggestion for a sampler you'd like to see, drop us a note via the comments box at the bottom of the page!

· Masculine 

· Feminine

· Brand 

· Retro, Vintage, discontinued (why do they stop producing what I love?) 

· Wedding 

· Sex, Sex, Sex 

· Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall 

· Hot New Releases 

· Give it the Oscar (award winners)(look for Award winner sample sets)


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