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Perfume Brands

Perfume Brands - perfume samples of niche perfumes, French perfumes, natural perfumes, retro perfumes, vintage perfumes and discontinued perfumes.

We have a huge selection of niche perfume brands like Frederic Malle, Creed, Tom Ford, Serge Lutens, Andy Tauer, CB I Hate Perfumes, Ormonde Jayne, Amouage, By Kilian, Arquiste, Byredo, Ann Gerard, Diptyque, MDCI, L'Artisan, Comme des Garcons, Mona di Orio, A Lab on Fire, Atelier Cologne, Parfums de Nicolai, Le Labo, Keiko Mecheri and so many more!

Try the best French perfumes, some only available in Europe, like Serge Lutens, Caron, Frederic Malle, L'Artisan, Ann Gerard, Mona di Orio, By Kilian, Parfums MDCI, Annick Goutal, Comme des Garcons, Parfums de Rosine, Parfumerie Generale, Montale, Molinard, Fragonard, M. Micallef, Juliette Has a Gun, Iunx, Hermes, Christian Dior, Honore des pres, Guerlain, Hutieme Art Parfums, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Etat Libre d’Orange and Costes.

Sample the best luxury perfumes like Xerjoff, Puredistance, JAR, Clive Christian, Parfums MDCI, Parfums DelRae, Strange Invisible Perfumes, Tammy Frazer, Roja Dove, Ormonde Jayne and Nasomatto.

Try the best natural perfumes from Hiram Green, Aftelier, AbdesSalaam Attar, Pacifica, LAVANILA, Olympic Orchids, Ayala Moriel and Dawn Spencer Hurwitz.

Discover the best indie perfumers like Slumberhouse, D.S. & Durga, Goest Perfumes, Soivohle, Smell Bent, S-Perfumes, Eric Buterbaugh Florals, Sonoma Scent Studio and Aftelier.

Discover or rediscover a retro perfume, discontinued perfume or vintage perfume like Jovan Civet Oil or Musk Oil, Debbie Gibson Electric Youth, Dana Tabu or Canoe, Bourjois Evening in Paris, Tuvache Jungle Gardenia or Oh! de London, Diane von Furstenberg Tatiana, Helena Rubenstein Heaven Scent, Faberge Tigress or Brut, Laura Ashley No. 1, Leeming Hai Karate, Donna Karan Chaos, Shulton Old Spice, Weil Zibeline Secret de Venus, Molinard Habanita, Prince Matchabelli Aviance or Cachet, Dior Diorling, MEM English Leather, Guerlain Djedi or Dawamesk, Coty Chypre, Speidel British Sterling, Hermes Doblis, D'Orsay Dandy, Aramis and Evyan White Shoulders.