Perfumes & Decants

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frederic-malle-perfume-sample-decants.jpgPerfume Brands run the gamut from mainstream to niche.  We have a large selection of both.  We also have a large and growing selection of vintage and retro perfumes - the ones you remember wearing in the '60s, '70s, '80s and '980s.

Mainstream perfume brands are the brands you are very familiar with - Estee Lauder, Hermes, Gucci, Lancome, Guerlain. These are the perfumes you most often see in department stores, and they have some great and classic fragrances within them.  Some of those brands, like Guerlain, Hermes, Lancome, Dior have a series of perfumes that are not available easily, like Hermes Hermessence, Dior La Collection, Guerlain L'Matiere, etc.  We carry all of those.

Niche perfumes we define by large brands and small niche perfume brands.  Large niche perfume brands we define as them being available in larger upscale department stores, but not all locations, making them harder to get.  Those include niche perfume brands like  Tom Ford, Frederic Malle, Creed, Serge Lutens, By Kilian, Byredo, L'Artisan, Diptyque, Le Labo and many more! 

Small niche perfume brands are ones that are artisan and full bottles sold on their website or sold in smaller niche perfume stores - examples are CB I Hate Perfumes, MDCI, Puredistance, Ormonde Jayne, Amouage, and so many more!

We have a large selection of French perfumes, some with very limited availability or only available in Europe, like Serge Lutens, Caron, Frederic Malle, Annick Goutal, Comme des Garcons, Hermes.

We also have many primarily natural perfumes from  Hiram GreenAbdesSalaam Attar, Pacifica, Zoologist.

You can discover the best indie perfumers like Slumberhouse, D.S. & Durga, S-Perfumes.guerlain-perfume-samples.jpg

Discover or rediscover a retro perfume, discontinued perfume or vintage perfume like Debbie Gibson Electric Youth, Dana Tabu or Canoe, Bourjois Evening in Paris, Faberge Tigress or Brut, Laura Ashley No. 1, Leeming Hai Karate, Weil Zibeline Secret de Venus, Guerlain Djedi or Dawamesk, Coty Chypre, and Evyan White Shoulders.