Perfume Samples


How many bottles of perfume do you have that you no longer wear? Do you cringe when you think of how much you spent on them? Don't even remember why you bought them? 

The fragrance counter always seems to be a wild ride for those lucky enough to have one nearby, but that’s just it -- you can max out a credit card over the weekend, but come Monday morning, it’s either back to the tired and boring or take a chance from the mystery bag of weekend purchases. Seriously? How much money could you have saved not splashing out for what now smells like a full bottle of embalming fluid with a fancy name on it?    

What if you could have your own personal fragrance counter in your home? 

You could leisurely try, with no pressure, an incredible variety of perfumes - journey from gardenia to jasmine with a stop off in amber and perhaps a spray of leather for later. No longer would you have to blindly commit to something you may hate!  

STC rebottles authentic perfumes in small affordable sample vials – bringing the perfume counter to you. 

Everything in our store is decanted (rebottled) by hand and we carry only authentic fragrances. You can choose what you want to try without committing to a full bottle of something that’s just not right.  

Now, are you ready to choose from thousands of mainstream, vintage, niche, rare and indie perfume houses?  

Come with uswe'll get you started perfume shopping the smart way!  


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