Perfume Samples

Finding a new perfume or cologne can be drudgery - scary, perplexing, and full of expensive mistakes.



You stand at the department store counter - trying perfume sample after perfume sample, your nose olfactorily confused about exactly what you are smelling at this point,  the salesperson declaring what they just sprayed is

"perfect on you, you smell wonderful!"

and you're pretty sure you smell like a slightly rotting lemon - and not in a good way. Hey, that's just a woman's experience with perfume sampling! 

Men usually glance in the direction of the fragrance counter and hurry on past, hoping their girlfriend/wife/SO/mom buys them something they don't hate because they are not running that fragranced gauntlet unless you put a gun to their head, pull the trigger and drag their corpse over there to be spritzed.

It doesn't have to be that way.  Perfume -- yes, guys, we are going to refer to it by that term, and it's really fine. Men through the centuries have used that term instead of cologne without risking a sudden drop in testosterone.

 Perfume Should be Fun!

Surrender to Chance provides a amazing selection of perfume samples and perfume decants from around the world so you need never buy fragrance without trying it first again.

Making mainstream perfume, vintage perfume, niche perfume, rare perfume, indie perfume accessible to everyone who has ever said...  Help Me Choose!