Aftelier perfumes, a natural perfume line out of Berkeley, California, launched by Mandy Aftel.  With a strong belief in natural essences and their complexity, she searches and tests many versions of a natural essence before choosing the ones that will work best.

Her perfumes are hand-crafted in small batches, doing her own bottling to preserve the quality of the entire process.  Mandy Aftel, in addition to her Aftelier perfume line, is an author of several books on perfume and aroma. She also teaches natural perfume-making to aspiring natural perfumers.  Her perfumes and work have been featured in natural magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Style, and on television like CNN. She was named by Forbes magazine one of the top seven bespoke perfumers in existence.

In addition to Aftelier perfumes, Mandy also sells candles, bath and body products, teas, as well as chef’s essences.

Aftelier has some unique and beautiful perfumes, some of them a little weird and funky and some that are just gorgeous and haunting.  Sepia was created in 2012 with notes of blood cedarwood, yellow mandarin, pink grapefruit, pink lotus, strawberry, jasmine, cocoa, coffee, tobacco, oud, indole, ambergris, cepes and labdanum.  It was a memory of a ghost town, and it is dust, the beautiful dust of life that haunts you.

Cepes and Tuberose is a strange one, it is mushrooms, rose, tuberose, and benzoin. Earthy, a little fungal, overlaid with a beautiful tuberose rising from the dirt.  It is really a perfume you have to try.

Tango is another unique scent with notes of wild sweet orange, ginger, coffee, champaca, choya, tobacco, and tonka.  This is rich and luminous, smoky and sensual.

Aftelier perfumes are a line that is not only one of the best natural perfume companies, but an artistic perfume-maker across natural and traditional perfume-makers.

You can find Aftelier Perfume Reviews at:  Fragrantica    Basenotes


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