Andromeda's Curse Coin-Operated Boy

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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Coin-Operated Boy is a cool metallic fragrance with key notices of motor oil, cognac and black musk. Clockworks twang to life as the key is twisted and his mechanisms begin to uncoil. With notes of recently greased gears, a shot of cognac, black musk and ambergris. Coin-Operated Boy is a perfume oil.

Andromeda's Curse perfumes are handcrafted, small batch vegan perfume oils made with high-quality essential and fragrance oils blended into fractionated coconut oil.


Etsy: Oof this is sexy. Complex. It is quintessentially "masculine" (which in no way limits who can wear it)- but is in no way reminiscent of cologne or more predictable fragrances for men. Motor oil notes are my favourite, and this is a great example of one.

EtsyL I almost regret ordering the smaller bottle. I nowhere near expected to like this particular scent as much, I ordered it for cosplay purposes above all, but I guess my tastes just are this weird. It's the closest to real life steampunk machinery I can imagine, it does the metallic/motor oil mix in a way I think pleasant - but I'd say you have to like these smells in the first place. Certainly not for everyone.

Etsy: Similar to Hexennacht's Trashcan Man, this is like a subtler, warmer version without the sweet gasoline note. If you grew up loving the smell of gas station auto shops like me, then this is definitely the scent for you!

Reddit: In the bottle this is leather, metal, and something spicy-sweet and traditionally cologne-smelling. Carnation maybe? Sweet, bright, and masculine. Wet on my skin - Mmm. Reminds me of a chypre. Leather, metal, a squeeze of citrus - maybe some labdanum. Definitely oakmoss at the base. There’s still that sweet-spicy floral - it reminds me a lot of a discontinued BPAL scent: Saint Germain. I’m pretty sure this is a carnation - though it could also be a very mellow lavender. (Or, heck, both. This reminds me a lot of Saint Germain with leather and a tiny bit of metal). The drydown is a leather-woody-spicy chypre. With how it’s dried down it reminds me really strongly of Sucreabeille’s Far East. To describe what it smells like - you have spicy-sweet citrus topnotes layered over a resin (I assume labdanum, but I could be wrong) and crisp woods and with an oakmoss and leather base. The oakmoss is a dark, soft green - not ‘dirty’ like some mosses, but dark and almost musky. Edges of metal throughout. The metal and leather are how it most strongly deviates from Sucreabeille’s Far East. The result is a piquant green-and-gold scent with soft sweet-dry masculine qualities - perhaps a little dusty smelling. After 30 minutes this wears strongly with the strong scent cloud forming about 3 inches from my hand. Wears closer to the skin - not a strong throw. Hm! So the piquant topnotes are the cognac - it comes off as more dry citrusy/floral than boozy. The metallic tang is the gears - I can see what I was reading as kind of a labdanum midnote reading as the kind of industrial oil used on gears. The black musk must be what’s reminding me of oakmoss and leather - this is a really rich, smooth black musk without many animalistic qualities (it does remind me a lot of oakmoss to the point of surprise when that wasn’t a listed note). The ambergris in this must be quite resinous - that or there’s an unlisted wood note in here (or it’s in one of the accords) because there is something spicy-resinous in here. If the ambergris isn’t providing that then it’s adding to that kind of dusty/frothy quality at the edge of the scent. The verdict is that I like this one! It hits all my buttons. If you like chypres a lot, this smell is firmly in that category and on the masculine end of it.