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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Ambre Eccentrico envelops straight into the depth of the heart notes, amber wrapped in smoky benzoin, addictive vanilla and mysterious patchouli. With no top or middle notes, it is immediately charismatic. A powerful and unforgettable signature with ambery, woody notes made from exceptional raw, natural materials sourced from Laos to Venezuela - indulge the senses in a cloud of seduction. Created by Calice Becker and launched in 2015, Ambre Eccentrico is based on warm, resiny, precious accords of amber blended with warm balmy aromas of tonka, patchouli, cinnamon and prunol molecule (based on plum, spicy warm flavors of dried fruit and intense cardamom aroma). Ambre Eccentrico is an eau de parfum, edp.


Fragrantica: Ambre Eccentrico is one of the most easy-going, mass appealing ambers on the market in my opinion. It’s built around a classic Amber accord of vanilla, benzoin and labdanum, but with especial focus on the vanilla which is intensely sweet, creamy and gourmand. Adding to this addictive sweetness is a subtle accord of dried fruits, with touches of spicy cinnamon and earthy patchouli. All in all though, this is a vanilla fragrance at heart and a damn good one. Tonka bean enhances the vanilla even further, while also maintaining that smooth and slightly rubbery characteristic a lot of Armani Privé fragrances have. I’ll admit I underestimated this one when I first got it, but after a few wears I’ve been really enjoying it. It’s not a particularly complex or interesting fragrance, but it’s incredibly addicting and delicious - a perfect option for an easy going sweet scent bubble on a cold autumn evening.

Fragrantica: INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! This is IT guys ! Blended to absolute perfection that’s the review. Sweet bread in milk with dusted cinnamon on it. 1 foot away from being gourmand.

Fragrantica: I will starve but I wii get a full bottle. So it started normal when the lady that wants me to be a diva and say f*ck it to my debt and buy it but then it just continued evolving. This is the most unique amber scent I’ve tried and instead of staying heavy now it’s so soft and sweet but in no way did it lose the initial bang that it gave. The lady at the store sprayed me from maybe a meter away just once and a few hours later I still get whiffs and the notes are evolving. Masterpiece of a fragrance, ladies, don’t be scared from the initial notes, it’s sweet, feminine and just stunning!

Fragrantica: SO beautiful! Just received it and on initial spraying I was disappointed- it opened too masculine and harsh for me, even my boyfriend said it’s masculine, but in couple minutes the real juice came through and it’s addictive! Sweet, comforting and delicious, I can’t stop sniffing my wrist! Can easily be worn day and night. It’s thick, but refined. Amber, tonka, dried fruits and plums are dancing in this beautiful fragrance. There’s a resemblance to Kenzo Jungle Elephant which I also love, but much more subtle making it more wearable in warmer weather. Dress the part if you decide to wear this beauty - it’s elegant and sophisticated, it screams luxury and style.

Fragrantica: Incredibly WARM, SWEET, DEEP, INDULGENT. I want this on my future husband in cold winter evenings. This is just comfort, reassurance, a person that knows, who they are and what they can do. It is like a smoked, dried, fruit compote that smells luxurious.

Fragrantica: 10 out of 10 smoky rich gourmand with bombastic performance

Fragrantica: This mixture of plum, cinnamon and amber is phenomenal. The Armani Prive line is so underrated imo. Performance is hit or miss but they have some excellent offerings and this is another one.

Fragrantica: CHARISMA in a bottle!! People say this is the most beautiful amber scent on the market. I say this is the most beautiful scent. Period. I am a charisma coach (and perfume lover) and this is the first perfume for which i say with certainty: this is how charisma smells. The person wearing it is perceived as warm, has strong presence and power. He/she is confident, competent, attractive, addictive... Ambery enough, spicy enough, sweet enough, gourmand enough, but nothing too much. So well blended, well rounded, simple yet complex. The only thing I don't appreciate that much it's longevity and projection. But, even if it's not the beast mode it's worthy of every cent.

Fragrantica: This fragrance is so underrated. The Armani website says it's just vanilla, benzoin and patchouli but to me it smells like vanilla icecream with cinnamon. The performance is really good & for me it kinda stays the same from when I first spray it, til it dries down. If you love vanilla & gourmands you would probably really love this. I don't get any of the patchouli. 10/10 for me.

Fragrantica: To me this smells like warm bread pudding with raisins and cinnamon. It’s so delicious. This combined with Kayali Vanilla is pure heaven. I can’t wait to wear this in the fall and winter. I also have Angels Share and Dates Delight but this one is definitely my favorite of the 3. It’s truly amazing.

Fragrantica: I love amber, I tried and own so many ambers BUT there is nothing like this at all, this is something else. There is something here I never found in any fragrance ever and I don’t know what is that, because of that this one is so special to my heart. I first tried Amber Eccentrico in 2016 and I wasn’t so interested in perfumes because I was a 20 years old guy who only loved and owned Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford and Dior Homme Parfum and I was wearing them all year around. Once I sniffed this I was like stop the world and let me dream. What a dreamy amber, a really gorgeous scent and every time I smell it, it takes back to the first day I met this beauty, again and again. Big LOVE.

Fragrantica: Just bought this during Armani's Black Friday sale. Absolutely gorgeous. According to the Armani website, there are no top or middle notes. The only ones they list are the base notes of benzoin, vanilla, and patchouli, but I'm also getting cinnamon. It will be difficult to wear my other amber fragrances after smelling this one because they just can't compare.

Fragrantica: Kenzo Jungle is an old love of mine, and I can immediately smell the great similarity - it's the love relationship of amber and patchouli. The base is exactly the same, and really easily detected in the dry-down. Yet, Ambre Eccentrico is much more well rounded and sophisticated in comparison to the absolute aggressive beast that is Kenzo Jungle. Beautifully blended. An absolute love, and divine for winter days.

Fragrantica: I am a fan of tonka based fragrances and this is one of the best. Yes, I agree with the previous reviewer that there are similarities with Feve Delicieuse - however, they are different enough to own and enjoy both. This is warm tonka, vanilla, amber and clove or maybe cinnamon. It’s a luxurious scent that elicits plenty of compliments - excellent sillage and longevity. This is a unisex fragrance, and I love it in the Autumn/Winter or for special evening occasions. It is like a softer and more expensive smelling Kenzo Jungle. I do love gourmand fragrances - and this one is beautiful.

Fragrantica: Ambre Eccentrico is stunning! Modern intake on amber with dried fruits and smoky-sweet benzoin. I Was wondering how different from Lutens Arabie it will be - very different, yet both of them belong to those non-edible gourmands, atmospheric and intoxicating, that jump on you at once and captivate your heart. This one has strange dusty-desert feel, that I experiencing in Dune Dior, Tigre Kenzo, L'Air du Desert Marocain of Tauer. Those are fragrances of crouching tigers indeed. Exotic, well-lasting and memorable, I do recommend this one!

Fragrantica: This fragrance to me is quite unique in terms of both smell and structure. I don't know how to explain it since I'm not a perfume expert but when I smell it I can tell that it does not follow the usual pyramid style of notes in fragrances. Now to the smell when you first spray it on it's very linear what get at first will be there in the end it's thick and sappy in feel very deliciously sticky. Main notes on me are plums, dried fruits, cinnamon and tonka bean. The amber in it acts as a base that holds everything within it keeping it all in harmony. As a gourmand frangrace Ambre Eccentrico is in league of its own it does not smell like anything else to me. Adjectives I would use to describe Ambre Eccentrico are sweet, thick, comforting, delicious and smooth. Ambre Eccentrico in my opinion has the best kind of projection when you wear it, it's like you're in a bubble of your own surrounding you from everywhere once someone enters that bubble they will for sure smell you. Longevity is also excellent I get about 10 to 11 hours. Ambre Eccentrico is the best fragrance in the Armani Prive line in my opinion I love that we have a fragrance like it in this world.

Fragrantica: Armani/Privé Ambre Eccentrico is so gorgeous and balmy and warm and comforting, and deliciously sweet. It's smooth, creamy and rich, deep and has a lovely herby earthy richness which is long lasting and I get so many compliments!! I get stopped in the street! People have told me they've never smelt anything so gorgeous! I love it. The fruit is divine, it's like a rich fruit cake, with lovely earthy seasoning!!! It's one of my absolutely favourite perfumes!!! Really beautiful!!!

Fragrantica: Mysterious, Unique, Delicious. I romanticized about getting this for a while and what a marvel it turned out to be. A considered purchase, but, when I tested it - from the first hit, to dry down.. I just had to buy it. It is so gorgeous. The ingredients, especially the Tonka Bean, smells raw and pure. It then opens up to a flutter of Vanilla and Amber, which continues to radiate. When I hold my wrist up to my nose, it smells rich, but not in a heavy way - it smells layered with the different ingredients, creamy and smooth at the same time. Just luxurious. Sillage and longevity are very, very, good and if a guy wore this, it would be irresistible! I would say this is an Autumn/Winter/Early Spring fragrance - for the cold, and perhaps most enjoyed at night (although I have equally enjoyed wearing it on a sunny, cold day). Whatever works for you I'd say. An expensive purchase indeed but I intend to do it again! Thank you Armani Prive!

Fragrantica: This amber scent is heavy in its sillage, after all, it is an oriental fragrance. What I noticed on first spritz were the spices that I was hoping for. Cinnamon for sure. Some cardamom. Vanilla, yesssss. Tonkabean, lots of. Sweet concoction, not for those who prefer dry or masculine scents. Ambre Eccentrico screams "woman" but I actually would love to smell it on a man, too. I also own Ambre Soie which is spice-laden, too but only medium sweet and rather dry in comparison. Whereas Ambre Soie is my gingerbread perfume, AE (a rather mild-tempered diva) might be my spice-cookie perfume. The vanilla very much reminds me of delicious cookies baking in the oven. After a while some of the labdanum shows up, this gives the scent a more serious air before drifting too much into the gourmand type. The plum note is noticeable but not overly foody, it reminds me of almonds. Nicely done. This scent has won me over nonetheless for its beauty. If you like slightly resinous but sweet and gourmandish scents along with some spices then this one might interest you. I am a big lover of amber scents and was looking for a different take on this scent family.

Fragrantica: Today my bottle of Ambre Eccentrico finally arrived and I was eager to smell in on my skin. After the first few minutes it is almost narcotic! the heavy notes of amber, tonkabean and prunol molecules (what ever that is) are well balanced and make up a spectacular mixture. Its like nothing I've ever smelled before and considering my vast collection of perfumes, that sure means something. Although I'm a little upset that Ambre Orient is no longer produced, this scent is a worthy replacement with a whole new world of olfactory experience. Calice Becker really is a true master and once again the created fragrance is a seductive and sensual composition with a lot of oriental spices, amber and dried fruits. The dry down reveals tons of Amber and Cinnamon, creating a mystical aura without being too strong or intrusive. On my skin it lasts two days, making this fragrance a very long lasting scent. Be careful with how much you apply. One spritz is more than enough to draw the attention of the people standing around you. In conclusion I recommend this perfume to all amber lovers and people with a weakness for sensual and intense perfumes like Ambre Sultan by Lutens. The bottle is simple but elegant and the composition reveals a astonishing diversity, developing within hours. 10/10 Points with a golden Star!