How Long Do Perfumes Last on Skin? Here’s What You Need to Know

How Long Do Perfumes Last on Skin? Here’s What You Need to Know

25th Apr 2023

Whether you already own a fragrance that’s near and dear to your heart or you’re searching for a new perfume, finding one that lasts from the moment you get ready until the second you get home is crucial. Understanding expiration dates on perfumes can also help you better understand how fragrant your perfume is and what to expect out of its longevity.

Let’s take a closer look at how long perfume lasts on the skin, information about expiration dates and quick tips and tricks about how to wear long lasting perfumes.

How Long Does Perfume Last on the Skin?

Perfumes generally last between four to six hours on the skin, but may last even longer based on the base notes, chemical structure and shelf life of the perfume.

How Do You Make Perfume Last Longer?

Most perfumes are long-lasting with the right application and beauty tricks. Here are a few recommendations on  applying and spraying perfume:

  • Rub lotion or petroleum jelly to your pulse points before applying your perfume. This gives your fragrance something to stick to.
  • Apply your perfume right after bathing. Your open pores are more likely to soak up the scent of your perfume.
  • Layer your perfume. One spritz doesn’t always do it, so consider another layer to make the scent stick around.

How Long Do Perfumes Last Unopened?

Like most beauty products, perfume has an expiration date. But the good news is that most perfumes have a fairly long shelf life. According to InStyle, open fragrances can last about  two years as long as you keep them stored correctly: at room temperature and away from sunlight. And the same can be said for unopened bottles; fragrances that you haven’t touched yet can last longer if you store them well.

There are certain ways to tell if your perfume has expired, according to fragrance creator Jacques Huclier.

"Oxygen within the air can alter some of the molecules present in a fragrance over time," Huclier shared with InStyle. "Generally, top notes like citrus, fruits, aromatics, green notes, and patchouli are most sensitive to oxidation. Another indication that perfume has expired is discoloration [of the juice]."

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