How Trying Perfume Samples Saves You Money | Surrender To Chance

17th May 2021

How Trying Perfume Samples Can Help You Save Money

Some people spend years tracking down that just-right scent that matches their body's chemistry and taste. But if you're not careful, you could end up spending hundreds or thousands trying to locate that perfect scent, as well as wasting a lot of time with fragrances that may turn you off more than they inspire you. Increasingly, however, shoppers are realizing that you don't have to try bottle after bottle of the expensive stuff on your way towards fragrance nirvana.

It's called perfume samples -- and, no, we're not talking about those flaps in magazines that sort of give you an idea of what a particular scent smells like. Perfume samples come in small bottles just like their bigger brothers and sisters, and it's a great way to explore a number of scents without breaking your bank account. At a few dollars each, you can afford to be adventurous, and that's one of the best ways to find that signature scent that you'll be wearing this season.

Try Before You Buy

While it might seem strange to buy a perfume sample before upgrading to the big bottle, one of the most difficult things about shopping for perfume is that it's hard to know what it'll smell like when you leave the store. Because perfumes can change over time as you wear it throughout the day, you'll need more than the five minutes you have in-store to pick out that complimentary scent.

Test Different Perfumes in Different Scenarios

What you might wear on your next hot date or for a night on the town may be different than what you'd like when heading in for a day at work or running errands. With perfume samples, you'll be able to affordably try out dozens of the world's best perfumes for less than one big bottle of a fragrance that you adore. Indeed, perfume samples allow you to perfectly suit different perfumes to different scenarios, and once you find your ideal perfumes, you can grab those bigger bottles, guilt free!

Be More Adventurous

Due to the fact that perfume samples are so affordable, they make it easy to be more adventurous in the scents that you wear, which can give you the freedom to try out new scents that you'd never consider otherwise. Instead of buying the same perfume year after year and letting your signature scent stagnate over time, perfume samples allow you to take a chance and try those fragrances that you've always wanted to try. Who knows -- you could find that perfect aroma in your next sample bottle.

Pair a New Scent With Each Week

For those that can never quite settle on one scent for very long, perfume samples make it easy to try out a new scent each week. Whether you've never found your signature scent or you never like to wear a perfume for very long, perfume samples can make it easy to switch it up or never settle for one perfume. Trying out a lot of new perfumes can also give you a crash course in what works and what doesn't with your body's unique chemistry -- and that can give you the knowledge you need to be a better perfume shopper when you're done jumping around and want to settle in with a bigger bottle of a particular fragrance.

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