The 2021 List of Cologne Samples You Should Try

The 2021 List of Cologne Samples You Should Try

12th Jul 2021

This year is still pretty much fraught with uncertainties. But you can make fun, interesting, and memorable choices despite the limitations, such as getting a whiff of new and luxurious fragrances before purchasing a whole bottle. You don’t even need to go to a physical store to do that.

It’s possible to test some of the most iconic fragrance houses by buying cologne samples online and having them delivered to your doorstep. Get ideas of what scents to try and where you can purchase them at sample pricing.

Perfume Samples

Treat yourself to a pleasing olfactory adventure with some of the newest fragrances on the market. Here’s a list of must-try scents in 2021.

  1. Diptyque Ilio - This citrus floral fragrance for men and women is a limited edition. Ilio is a summery scent that pays homage to the Mideterranean, as also illustrated on the manufacturer bottle’s artwork.
  2. Skylar Vanilla Sky - A warm and cozy scent, Vanilla Sky is delicious with fragrance notes of cappuccino, pure vanilla, and caramelized cedar. It’s cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic.
  3. Zara A Journey With Alberto Morillas -Fashion brand Zara collaborated with Alberto Morillas for this line of fragrance that is a souvenir of the master perfumer’s voyage: Morning Sunray in Sevilla, Bohemian Sunset in Barcelona, and Nightfall in Madrid.
  4. Bohoboco Yellow Rose Incense and Dark Vinyl Musk - While Yellow Rose Incense is floral-earthy with clove, cinnamon, and rose top notes, Dark Vinyl Musk is floral-woody with head notes of cistus, sandalwood, and rose. Both scents are unisex.
  5. Guerlain Mon Guerlain Sparkling Bouquet - A reinterpretation of the original Guerlain Mon Guerlain, the Sparkling Bouquet Eau de Parfum has notes of lavender, vanilla, sandalwood, peony, jasmine, and citrus.
  6. Tom Ford Soleil Brulant - Introduced as a part of the Soleil Summer 2021 Collection and Private Blend line of perfumes, Soleil Brulant is a combination of floral and honey scents mingled with citrus and spices.
  7. Jo Malone Scarlet Poppy - Mathilde Bijaoui is behind the unique scent of Scarlet Poppy, which is a part of the Cologne Intense line. It’s an amber floral scent with ambrette top notes and tonka bean base notes.

Buy Perfume Samples

Collecting fragrances isn’t an inexpensive hobby. It’s best not to invest so much in costly perfume when you only want to try new scents. One way of doing that is to purchase perfume samples instead of buying a full bottle to see which scents you enjoy most.

Whether you’re building a collection or searching for the scent that best embodies your personality and style, it’s wise to seek perfume samples for sale first. You won’t only save money but also steer clear of buyer’s remorse if you do so.

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