The Benefits of Perfume Decanting

The Benefits of Perfume Decanting

15th Nov 2023

Keeping your favorite scents organized and fresh is an important part of keeping your perfumes and colognes for years to come.

Perfume decanting is a common practice for people who sell or swap perfumes either professionally or as a hobby, but anyone can do it from the comfort of their home as well. Here are some common questions, answered so you can decant your own perfume.

What is perfume decanting?

Perfume decanting involves the transfer of your perfume liquid into a different container. If you need to turn large sizes of perfume into fragrance samples, this is a cost-effective way to create sample sizes. This delicate process requires finesse and the proper tools to ensure that your perfumes are properly decanted and that you preserve your expensive fragrances.

How does perfume decanting work?

To properly decant your perfume at home, gather these materials:

  • Small funnels for fragrance collecting and pouring the liquid into your new container.
  • A sterile glass container. Some people use plastic for small amounts, but it is generally recommended that you stick to glass as plastic can contain chemicals that can ruin the quality of your perfume.
  • Labels for your new bottle or sample vial.
  • Your perfume, of course!

Now that you have your materials, here are the steps to properly decant your perfume or cologne at home:

  1. Make sure your workspace is clean and sterile. Take the time to completely sterilize your glass bottles to avoid contaminating your perfume once it has been transferred.
  2. Adjust your funnel. The funnel is to mitigate spills and preserve the full amount of your fragrance. Make sure you are adjusting your funnel in the new fragrance bottle and that it won't move when pouring.
  3. Pour the original bottle of perfume carefully into the funnel. Full bottles can be more difficult to our, so try to use a steady hand.
  4. Seal the perfume sample tight to avoid any unnecessary air exposure and maintain the purity of your fragrance.
  5. Label the new bottle of fragrance.

How long will the scent last when my fragrance is decanted?

Buying perfumes in larger sizes can be expensive, which is why some people choose to decant their perfumes to lengthen their longevity. Decanting perfume can add years to its shelf life.

The effectiveness of the decanting process is dependent on a few key factors:

  • Sealing: Contaminants in the air can affect the makeup of your perfume. Suppose any of these contaminants get into the liquid during the decanting process, either due to airborne exposure or due to unsterilized decanting tools. In that case, you may notice the difference in your perfume.
  • Fragrance Condition: If your perfume is old or has been contaminated previously, this could cause it to lose its fragrance quickly.
  • Storage: different perfumes require different storage, so make sure to read the bottle carefully.

Anyone can decant perfume at home, and with a wide variety of products on the market for perfume decanting, it's easier than ever to start. Make sure to check out all of our decanting products here when you are ready to start!