The Benefits of Perfume Samples, and How to Use Them

8th Dec 2020

The Benefits of Perfume Samples

It’s getting harder to try on perfume in stores. Not only are perfume shops (and shopping malls) harder to get to, but the older ways of getting perfume samples are harder to come by. You used to get regular samples of perfume in magazines--and those sometimes still come--but how many of us have switched away from print magazines to online publications and miss those fold-out sections of perfume samples?

Trying perfume on in a store is often not the best situation either. So many scents are floating through the air of a parfumerie or a department store that it’s hard to decipher which is the scent that you’ve just sprayed on your wrist and which is the scent from the person down the aisle. You want to be able to smell the perfume in the real world, see how it reacts with your skin--it can take several minutes for a perfume to mix with your own body’s chemistry. These decisions just aren’t ideally made in the shops.

This is where perfume samples come in. Rather than a puff on your wrist or neck that you wear around the mall, by getting a small bottle of the real stuff--the real, full perfume that you’ll be buying, with all the notes that that perfume hits--you’ll be able to tell if this perfume is the right one for you or if you ought to wave it by and try something else.

Enter online perfume shops like Surrender to Chance. We offer perfume samples at great prices, to give you a few doses to see if you like them. Buy one or buy ten--at this price, you can’t go wrong. If you’ve heard good things about a specific scent or brand, then buy a sample, get it home and wear it to work for a few days, or for a few nights out on the town. You’ll soon be able to tell which perfumes are right for you and which perfumes you don’t want to spend your money on.

It can be so hard online to tell what a perfume really smells like. When the description says that it has “notes of Centifolia rose, cumin, pepper, clove, nutmeg, olibanum, cedar, amber, gaiac wood, oud, cistus, vetiver and animalic” those may be scents that you can picture in your mind, that you can kind of smell, but odds are you really don’t know how they’ll smell when they’re put together. You want to buy online because the prices are so good, but knowing exactly what you’re buying can be almost impossible when you’re not a perfume expert.

So buy a few, and try them on in the comfort of your own home. See if they light up the eyes of your significant other, or see if they turn heads when you’re out on the town. Most of all, see if you like it--you’re going to be the one who smells it all day. Do you love it, or do you move on to something else?