The Right (And Wrong) Ways to Gift Perfume

The Right (And Wrong) Ways to Gift Perfume

11th Jan 2022

Perfume: it's one of those signature things that can make for a great gift -- or not. That's because perfume is so personal, and getting someone a $100 bottle of perfume that they can't stand is hardly the great gift that it's made out to be. However, there are ways to gift perfume that won't break the bank nor to force the recipient to suffer through an entire bottle of perfume they don't really care for.

It's called a perfume gift set, and whether they're designed for her or for him, they're a great way to allow your significant other, family member or friend to experiment and experience fragrances that they may never otherwise try. Indeed, their next favorite scent could be contained within, or they might just find that combining scents is a great way to land on a scent uniquely theirs. That's what makes perfume gift sets such an awesome gift -- it's a way to give a thoughtful gift without worrying about scents or whether the recipient already has a bottle. After all, who can't use another bottle of great perfume?

Start With a Perfume Gift Set

Instead of springing for that expensive, large bottle of perfume, all without knowing whether it'll be a hit or a dud, why not start with a perfume gift set for him or her? Unlike that large bottle, a perfume sampler will have many different fragrances and scents to try. If one doesn't do the trick, there are others to be tried, and they may even return to an earlier "no" down the line if the right occasion presents itself. The best thing is that many perfume gift sets include iconic perfumes that are prohibitively expensive to try out on a lark, though the gift you're giving allows your recipient to do just that.

Try Smaller or Sample Sizes

If gifting perfume sets sounds too generic for your tastes, why not go with the smaller sizes of perfumes that your significant other or family member have always wanted to try? A sample size or smaller rollerball version costs a fraction of those larger bottles, yet they provide the same signature scent -- perfect for evaluating a new fragrance or weighing options before doubling down on the larger expense. Even if the fragrance isn't a hit, it can be fun to mix things up and try different scents, if only through the holiday season.

Take Cues From Their Likes and Dislikes

While you wouldn't want to gift perfume to someone you don't know -- a perfume gift set would likely be better here -- you can be more adventurous with your perfume gifts when you know your recipient. If you can find a nearly empty bottle of perfume that needs replenishing, a replacement for their signature scent will undoubtedly be a great gift. However, you can also take cues from the clothes they wear and their personal style. If they wear bright colors and bold patterns, they may enjoy floral or powdery scents. On the other hand, someone who dresses simply and minimally may prefer a clean and classic fragrance.

Consider Their Calendar

If you'd rather get something a little more personal than a perfume gift set, why not go with the gift that acknowledges their social or professional calendar? If there's an upcoming trip to somewhere exotic, a refreshing and sweet fragrance may be the perfect fit. But if the holiday season is spent at work parties or around the home with family, something more subdued or classic may be better. Additionally, a trip to the mountains may require a perfume gift that's more woody than tropical or beachy, but suffice it to say that there's a perfume for just about any event or preference.

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