Why Buy Vintage Perfume?

Why Buy Vintage Perfume?

12th Jul 2021

If you're tired of all the modern-day scents and you wish you had a time machine to go back into the past and cherry pick the best scents from history, you can now buy vintage perfumes that allow you to do just that.

From old school colognes and retro perfumes that have already stood the test of time, you can find your signature scent today from the great perfumes of the past -- and when you buy online it's even easier to lock down that choice vintage perfume.

In fact, when you buy vintage perfumes, you're getting the scent that existed at some point in history, not some modern-day knock-off or something that's merely based on an iconic scent.

Why Vintage Perfumes Are Better

Beyond the mere act of collecting, which can be fun and even lucrative if you hang on to that bottle for another few years, there are many reasons to buy old perfume brands or names.

If your favorite scent has been discontinued, you may have no choice but to try and find some old stock out there. Furthermore, some scents may have been reformulated or changed over the years, which can affect everything from how it smells to how it feels on the skin or how long it lasts. Perfumes can be changed for various reasons, from budgetary considerations to access to raw materials, and once a change goes through you'll have no option but to buy vintage perfumes.

The bad news is that most of the iconic perfumes from history are much different today than when they were originally introduced, leading many perfume connoisseurs to remark that they don't make them like they used to. For the discerning perfume wearer, that means having to buy vintage perfumes instead of the new formulations, and most modern perfumes follow this common arc of divergence from the original formulation.

Additionally, some ingredients that were crucial to the original formulation may have been banned in the years since, leading to changes that, while legal, may have yielded a perfume that is merely a shell of its former self. Marketing and brand affinity help these perfumes stay relevant, but only those that buy vintage perfumes really know what's missing from a more modern bottle.

Buying Vintage Perfume

But before you head out and stock up on all the vintage perfumes that you can get your hands on, it's important to only buy from reputable sellers, and to stick to brands that are well-established. If you don't recognize an old perfume name or brand, you probably won't want to put your hard-earned money down for a bottle of it.

However, if you're not shopping with reputable sellers or companies that have established themselves in the perfume business, you may not end up with less than you bargained for. While there are many fakes out there, the biggest concern for legitimate old stock is that the bottle itself was cared for and stored properly.

Like vintage wines that change taste over time, vintage perfumes may have a scent that is no longer like the original, even as the alcohol base inside keeps the perfumes from spoiling. While manufacturers like to propagate the myth that perfumes expire in a year from purchase or other such nonsense, there is some shift in scent to be expected.

But rather than being a reason not to go with a vintage scent, it's actually the most compelling reason to buy vintage perfume. After all, a slightly shifting scent will be truly unique, and another way that you can augment your personality when you're out in the world.

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