Bvlgari Baciami (Allegra line)

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Bvlgari Baciami (Allegra line) sample & decant
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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Bvlgari Baciami is part of the Allegra line, launched in 2022. Created by Jacques Cavallier, it takes its inspiration from passionate Italian love affairs.  This is clearly the standout from the Allegra line.  The others are nice, but this is a rich joy to wear.  Notes of gardenia, vanilla and amber.

From the brand -

"Inspired by famous Italian love affairs, Baciami literally translates to “kiss me.” Like a love potion, this fragrance channels the dizzying feeling of falling deeply, passionately in love through a magnificent floral amber fragrance. Senses are amplified and intensified by an overwhelming sense of desire. Brimming with a velvety, intoxicating floral gardenia that makes this fragrance wildly seductive when paired with the addictive aroma of tempting vanilla.

"An intoxicating floral amber, a love philter creating a deep addiction to express italian seduction [...] This time, BVLGARI Allegra immerses you in the romance of Italy, a wellspring of iconic love affairs. Bottling this pulse-racing passion, BVLGARI Allegra teases Baciami or “kiss me!” and exalts Italian seduction in an irresistible floral amber. For Baciami, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier reveals gardenia in an intoxicating scent. Creamy, lush, and radiant, the flower bursts into an accord that is wildly seductive. Uniting in a headlong rush, gardenia accord and vanilla deliver Baciami a token of indelible Italian love.

Bvlgari Baciami (Allegra line) Reviews

Fragrantica - "This too, was love at first sniff being a floral vanilla! And it’s not a cakey vanilla, this is a rich vanilla that has been expertly blended with the Gardenia and Amber. This is my first Bvlgari fragrance however if the rest are as well blended as Baciami something tells me this won’t be my last! I don’t regret full bottling this at all! This fragrance is a show stopper!"

Fragrantica - "Received a sample with purchase and the second I sprayed this on my wrist I hopped onto a website and added a full size to my cart immediately! First burst is an intoxicatingly sweet scent that my amateur nose is unfamiliar with and can’t identify, but it smells like an adult version of a seductive, semi dense cotton candy type of sweetness. It retains the sweetness as it settles. The dry down is vaguely reminiscent of D&G garden, except I found garden to be thick and sticky, with a smoothie like slightly sour yogurt lactonic note that kind of made me sick. Baciami is all the best parts of garden, except expertly blended and balanced, a creamy trail of classy sweetness with a touch of tropical vibes with some white and yellow florals hidden in the background."

Fragrantica - "Rich indeed! A deep, sweet sugary-amber fragrance. Gardenia is there but it's not the star of the show. There's nothing fresh about this. A winter fragrance for sure. Lovely!"

Fragrantica - "Baciami is a rich and sweet ambery-floral gourmand that opens with a deep caramel accord. I don’t get much of the gardenia at all, as the composition has distinct confectionery overtones rooted in what feels like bourbon vanilla and warm woody notes. On the dry down, the ambery base becomes more prominent, and the scent turns slightly powdery in its top notes. To me, it belongs in the same family as Tribeca by Bond No 9 or Changing Constance by Penhaligon’s—a stunning, expressive, if a little overly sweet, gourmand. The scent is on the heavier side but without a doubt beautiful and masterfully blended. The longevity and projection are simply outstanding. After several hours of wear, I was still getting multiple complements, with people asking me what smelled so amazing. If you like rich, unapologetically sweet feminine scents, Baciami is certainly worth a try."