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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


By Kilian Smoking Hot was launched in fall 2023 as part of the Smokes Collection. A hookah'ish smoky tobacco-vanilla unisex fragrance created by Mathieu Nardin, it has notes of apple, cinnamon, smoke, tobacco, moss, bourbon vanilla and Orcanox.

From the brand:

"At night, there are no rules but one: just be Smoking Hot! KILIAN PARIS newest smoky fragrance is a truly caramelized delight. It features Kentucky Tobacco absolute, infused with a hookah drag of Apple-flavoured shisha tobacco and intense Bourbon Vanilla. Evoking everything from European clubs to Eastern hookah lounges, Smoking Hot redefines what a smokey scent is today, going almost where it’s too hot to handle. The fragrance opens with forbidden fruit: a round Apple Hookah flavour blends with warm Cinnamon Bark essence. In a slow burn, notes of fire-cured Kentucky Tobacco absolute emerge. Harmonized with Oakmoss, this resonant Tobacco absolute leads into a Bourbon Vanilla, with balsamic tonalities. Also known as a Pure Jungle essence™ Bourbon Vanilla, it is of the highest quality Vanilla available, especially intense, and textured. When crossed with Orcanox™, a powerful sensuality comes full circle."

By Kilian launched Smokes Collection (formerly Addictive State of Mind) in the fall of 2014 with three fragrances.  Kilian Hennessy originally launched By Kilian in 2007. Yup, the Cognac Hennessy, grandson to the founder of Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Group, he followed his interest in scent, writing his thesis on the semantics of odors.  After spending time with leading perfumers, he launched By Kilian with the Collection L'oeuvre Noire (Black Masterpiece) series. There are now 10 fragrances in that series.  The over-the-top marketing copy drew a lot of criticism in the early part of his launch, but the gorgeous packaging - black lacquer boxes and black bottles - started to win us over, as did the artistry of the fragrances.  Collection Arabian Nights was launched in 2009, Asian Tales in 2012, In the Garden of Good & Evil in 2012 and In the Addictive State of Mind in 2014.

 By Kilian Smoking Hot Reviews

Fragrantica - "the smell is really sexy and alluring.  This is what I wanted Dior's Tobacolor to smell like.  Amazing for cold weather and will work all year round because it's not cloying.  I wore this on a really hot sweaty day and had no problems."

Fragrantica - "In the opening I get pretty much every note except the moss. It smells like Apple from apple brandy on the rocks with hookah smoke, cinnamon, and tobacco. If I had to pick 2 fragrances to compare it to imo it’s like the apple from Apple brandy on the rocks mixed with Herod to my nose. It’s less Christmas ornament shop smelling than Herod though which I love. Something about PDMs DNA I just don’t like a whole lot, so I’m glad this goes that direction, but does it in Kilian fashion because I love the execution from this house. To me it’s a perfect fit for fall. It’s not cloying to where you couldn’t wear it whenever though. It leans colder weather but I don’t think it’s so strong you couldn’t get away with it on a spring or summer night. I love it."

Fragrantica - "Off the hop you get a sweet smouldering apple with smoke! The hookah aspect of this scent is spot on, and very unique for Kilian to capture this in a bottle. With more wearings and colder temperatures; I hope to get more smoke! I do love the cinnamon as well. Similarities to Angels’ Share? I can’t deny they are somewhat cut from the same cloth; you get a nice Smokey, sweet scent here. Angels’ Share was all about the booze (IMO a little lack lustre) and sweetness. I can’t wait for this one to mature over time. Overall, this was a no brainer for myself because I love Kilian’s darker offerings and this is pretty unique! 10/10 – A masterpiece! Well done Kilian!"

Fragrantica - "There is a burned sugar accord that reminds us of Black Phantom or JV Dark Rebel. but it is blended into tobacco, cinnamon and woods so you can't pick it out. I have never been to a hooka bar but I can also say that the apple opening has nothing in common with the nutmeg apple opening of PDM Carlisle, and neither does it smell like Angel's Share. It is totally unique in my collection of 70+ niche perfumes including 17 Killians and 18 Xerjoffs and smells like nothing but itself. It last forever and rivals the best of this brand. I am buying a bottle ASAP even though I wanted to buy another Roja - that can wait as this is better than the Roja I wanted."




Perfume Name By Kilian Smoking Hot
Year Introduced 2023
Perfumer Mathieu Nardin
Gender Unisex
Strength Eau de parfum, edp
Notes Apple, cinnamon, smoke, tobacco, moss, bourbon vanilla and orcanox
Country of Origin France



1 Review

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  • bootsincollege - 17th Oct 2023

    I am biased toward Kilian

    It’s some of every scent I covet. Apple. Smoke. Vanilla. Boozy. I am pleased

1 Review

  • bootsincollege - 17th Oct 2023

    I am biased toward Kilian

    It’s some of every scent I covet. Apple. Smoke. Vanilla. Boozy. I am pleased