CB I Hate Perfume #704 Wild Hunt Water Perfume

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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Created in 2007, Wild Hunt is part of the Archetype Collection. CB included primal scents that were important to them due to the fact that they genetically feel them. From their website: "Haven’t you ever felt like a hunter with a spear in your hand in an ancient forest, its beauty shadowed by its dangerousness, and your blood boils from the excitement of hunting? If you forgot, you can remember it with Wild Hunt."

Wild Hunt is the fragrance of an ancient forest that holds scents of leaves, broken branches, herbal juice, rotten wood on earth, green moss, fir, pine and small mushrooms. Wild Hunt is a water perfume.


Fragrantica: Magic. A powerfully real rotten log and forest floor scent, with a lot of complexity to it... but not in any way off-putting or scrambled like the many other frags that have gone after "forest funk" (I'm looking at you, Norne and Soul of the Forest). Like other CB perfumes, this one is slightly synthetic but that to me makes it more evocative. I relate to the Jean-Claude Ellena quote "If you absolutely insist on the pure, unmixed song of the nightingale, I recommend the synthetic nightingale." With Wild Hunt, you appreciate the smell and you appreciate the craft. This fragrance takes you deep into the woods, and then gestures deeper into the woods, leaving you to draw endless associations. Might be a mild does-not-compute in the workplace, or on a warm day -- which is probably why I wear it less often than some other frags I love -- but this is a work of genius. It includes the dirt notes of many other CB perfumes, but this one is much more complex than A Room with A View, Black March, or Invisible Monster (though in some ways, it's a "darker" version of the latter...).

Fragrantica: The perfume of fireflies! That petrichor in a forest just after dawn where cypress knees breach the bog. Leaves are damp and the air is quiet. Mushrooms have sprouted overnight, and spanish moss drapes hanging from branches full of dew. Wild Hunt captures all of that in a wearable concept perfume that is close to the skin. A personal trip to the wildwoods!

Fragrantica: One of the most unusual scents I've encountered and I find it totally captivating. I detect the very realistic scent of, soil, moss, wet leaves, grass, lovely pine and fir, and, yes, mushrooms. The sillage and longevity from several dabs of the oil absolue are quite impressive. I may not be an outdoorsy type but at least I can smell like one. It definitely smells like a fall morning's walk in a damp forest. 

Fragrantica: It’s the signature petrichor move upfront but, this time it's flanked by some dense foliage as back up. It’s hard to pull specifics from it though—it’s more of an overall impression of an environment, only it comes off as a tad muddy. Mossy and slightly vegetal, it smells like grass, leaves, fungus all rolled into a single unit. My main contention is that, despite its verisimilitude, it feels mono whereas a stereo effect would have been better suited. Not quite on par composition-wise as some of the other soil-centric scents in the line, but just as photorealistic and convincing.

Fragrantica: One sniff & I'm beside a pond surrounded by wet, dewy, moss-covered trees. The soil is fragrant from the hard rain all around and warm enough that I feel surrounded by damp earth. Spot on. It smells real. Never before or since have I found a realistic wet dirt smell. Sniffing my sample is like opening the closet door to a part of Narnia forest after a rain; I don't even feel like I'm in my house anymore!

Fragrantica: Fragrances, hopefully the better ones, have a tendency to bring back memories. Wild Hunt is no exception. Almost instantaneously Wild Hunt brought back summer memories of lying on the sand at Baldwin Beach near South Lake Tahoe. The smell of warm sand along with the smell of sugar pine, red fir and a few aspen trees in the background is what I get from Wild Hunt. When I smell the bottle directly it smells like the towel that I was lying on minus the sunscreen. The projection is just right, not too strong, not too weak. When I move around I get whiffs of it that make me smile remembering all the good family times we had at Baldwin Beach. The tincture note of Wild Hunt is similar to Black March. If Black March is suppose to evoke the first winter thaw than I would say Wild Hunt is late summer to early fall. There is a "no fragrance" policy where I work. Wild Hunt smells so natural that I could easily wear this to work without anyone thinking I am wearing a fragrance. I will definitely wear this to work tomorrow to fight off the case of the Mondays (think the movie "Office Space"). Highly recommended!

Fragrantica: Yes, this is it. I have searched high and low for the perfect dirt, wood, grass, and leaves fragrance. Technically, I was searching for a fragrance reminiscent of a compost pile but this is close enough. Oh dear, this one is giving my #1 stiff competition. I am so in love with Tauer Verdant but this piece of work has me begging for more. Is this legal, to fall in LOVE with an inanimate object? If not, then I must say that I just broke the law because this powerful dirt bomb and me just got hitched! We well be together forever and live happily ever after.

Fragrantica: This scent screams primal. I get a heady whiff of lush green vegetation, predominantly moss and wood, and bizarelly I can make out the smell of little mushrooms. I couldn't wear this regularly but it does transport you to another place. Wearing this almost makes me feel like I'm out of the city and on holiday!

Fragrantica: This brings me back to my childhood: It's been a rainy day, me and my father are going mushroom picking. We go to the forest. It's autumn, so the leaves are covering the wet ground. I sit down to pick a mushroom and inhale. The dirt, the almost rotten wet leaves, the mushrooms. That's what I feel from "wild hunt". And it's so amazing and addictive. Those were my happy days - me and my dad going mushroom picking. Too bad that grown ups (me) don't have time for that anymore.

Fragrantica: The genius of Christopher Brosius is that he creates olfactory memories. In an instant, you are at a certain place, a certain time. This is a powerful gift to be able to transport people, and I have read many reviews of some of his other creations that send people back in time, to when they were young, playing with grandparents that are now long gone. Very special. Wild hunt is not so evocative for me (unlike At the Beach 1966) but nevertheless it transports me straight to a garden centre I used to go to with my mother as a young child. Garden centres weren't the big business they are nowdays. Back then it was row upon row of potted plants of all varieties, dripping wet, and the owerpowering smell of wet foliage, mulch, compost and soil. Underfoot was the crunch of gravel with big muddy pot holes to avoid! I find myself using this fragrance as a comfort scent- just before bedtime drifting off to sleep with happy thoughts of gardening...