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Creed Aventus Cologne sample & decant - Aventus
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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Creed Aventus was launched in 2010 as a mens chypre fruity scent. Most often we come across sweet smelling fragrances that resemble flowers or fruits, but have you heard of a perfume that smells like … success? Well…this is the idea behind the Creed Aventus, as it was inspired by the remarkable life of none other than Emperor Napoleon. As is common knowledge, he embodied both success and vision, making an indelible mark in history books. 

In the making of this perfume that tries to personify the emperor, Olivier Creed incorporated ingredients that had a connection to Napoleon. So he used the black currant from Corsica, the Mediterranean island where the legendary emperor was born, and blended it with birch from Louisiana, where he once ruled … and voila … thus was born this popular fragrance that has enjoyed a very loyal following since it was launched! If anything, it’s a testimony to one of the most commonly used adages, “Nothing succeeds like success.”

As Aventus belongs to the Chypre Fruity fragrance group, the Creed Aventus may start off with a fruitier scent than some may like, but you should give it some time. It soon dries down and emerges as a powerful but perfect combination of smoky and woody, reflecting the essence of its two main ingredients. Smoky and woody may seem like unusual traits for a perfume, but don’t be in a hurry to dismiss it - this scent is as refreshing as it is unique! 

The Creed Aventus includes mainly citrus based top notes along with animalic base notes such as oak moss and musk. But Creed focuses on the base notes rather than top notes, so it may take a while for the base notes to come alive. And as they do, your olfactory senses will be rewarded with the most appealing blend of the notes of black currant, bergamot, apple, pineapple, rose, birch, jasmine, patchouli, oak moss, musk, ambergris, and vanilla.  

Creed Mission statement - 'create highly original fragrances of extravagant quality". . . 

05/2024 We are decanting from a bottle with Batch #F002526


Reviews of Creed Aventus from noses that may or may not sniff like your nose. 

from whatmenshouldsmelllike - "Aventus Cologne opens with a fresh citrus note centered on mandarin. Apple and pineapple are key notes in the original. Creed don't list them as notes in Aventus Cologne but I still perceive something green and fruity in the opening along with spicy facets of pink pepper and ginger. As with so many fragrances, a list of olfactory notes does little to describe what I smell. For me the beauty of Aventus is the masterfully balanced composition of zest and unripe fruit with bleached woods and marine undertones." 

from groomingwise - "As the perfumed dries on the skin, its scents remain linear and they make way for the base notes. Men enjoy the oakmoss base notes as they emerge together with the sweet pineapple notes. At this time, hints of vanilla should balance the sweetness of the fragrance. Those leaving Creed Aventus reviews show this fragrance is constant and it lasts for hours and hours without major changes."

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Perfume Name Creed Aventus
Year Introduced 2010
Perfumer Olivier Creed
Gender Masculine
Strength EDP
Notes Blackcurrant, Italian bergamot, French apple and pineapple, rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine, patchouli, oak moss, musk, ambergris and vanilla
Country of Origin France

27 Reviews

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  • Feltus Sterling - 28th Aug 2022

    Creed aventus

    The best fragrance for winter or summer. A classic

  • Michael - 8th Mar 2021

    You can't go wrong with this scent

    This is an amazing scent that rocks!!!!A perfect signature scent for any man.

27 Reviews

  • Feltus Sterling - 28th Aug 2022

    Creed aventus

    The best fragrance for winter or summer. A classic

  • Michael - 8th Mar 2021

    You can't go wrong with this scent

    This is an amazing scent that rocks!!!!A perfect signature scent for any man.

  • J - 27th Sep 2020


    One of the best scents I've ever smelled in my life. The hype is real. There will be a lot of fragrance snobs who talk about reformulation, how things aren't how they used to be. It doesn't matter. Creed Aventus is still God-tier perfumery and an absolute masterpeice, reformulation or no. Is it worth $400? Not for someone on a budget, nor is it worth a full bottle for someone who has many scents. But if you only wear one or two fragrances and Aventus is your signature scent, it's probably worth whatever price you want to pay. On my skin, Aventus is sweet, sexy, long-lasting, and a beast-mode projector. If you're on a budget, I haven't' tried it personally, but I hear Armaf's Club de Nuit Intense Man is a near-perfect clone, at a tenth of the price that performs even better. May be worth the buy for the price alone.

  • Kyle - 1st Aug 2020

    Good, but...

    Maybe it was the hype. Maybe it was all the glowing reviews. Maybe it was the price. But I think this was built up too much in my mind before trying it because I guess I expected something...more. Definitely good. And since the consensus out there seems to be that this is a contender for G.O.A.T. status, you’re not going to get any complaints when you wear it. But had it not been built up, I may not have even taken much note of it. You know, maybe a small bottle....whoa,’s how much?? Nah. A solid men’s fragrance. Worth the money? The answer may be a definite Yes, depending on who you’re wearing it for.

  • Jerry Owens - 30th Aug 2018

    Less alpha male, more like alpha gentleman

    One of my first fragrance loves. I had looked into sharing a bottle among other enthusiasts but thankfully opted for STC due to their consistent speed and customer service. Some Aventus fans believe the character can be slightly different from batch to batch. I've had others that seem to be more forward with the pineapple notes. This contained all the major players of the Aventus scent but less pronounced on the pineapple which was a perfect fit for me. Many fragrances are aimed at the greed is good, carnivorous alpha male, but when I wear this it feels refined and brings out my inner gentleman. Conjures images of engaging conversation with my lady over a nice single malt and an aged maduro.

  • Maynor Gazo - 25th Jul 2017

    Excellent Sample !!!

    Yesterday I received my 3ML belief belief, and was very satisfied with my purchase ... I was very hopeful for the smell, since I have an original bottle of aventus creed that my brother gave me, and I wanted to compare if in fact this company sells the original fragrance, making the decanting of its container ... And if so ... is the same authentic fragrance ...... I recommend this page 100% .. Soon I buy again 30 ml of aventus here ...

  • Unknown - 19th Mar 2016

    Aventus as advertised

    I have been searching for a fragrance that both my wife and I can appreciate that has a modern sophisticated masculine appeal to it and this is the perfect blend. It's fresh for her a bit spicy for me, it lasts forever, doesn't overpower but is definitely noticed. The only thing I don't like about this is the price.

  • Linda - 12th Feb 2016

    Creed did not grab my senses

    Good reviews led me to order this sample. Sorry to say it wasn't a scent that drew me in.

  • Sean - 3rd Nov 2015

    Great Buy

    Wow! Upon first sniff, I thought to myself "this is the best smelling colonge I've purchased". Thanks guys. Just ordered another sample today. Thanks guys!

  • Unknown - 11th Jul 2015

    Creed Aventurous

    Top three for me, many others who smell it on me love it too, it has a certain magnetic quality i haven't found in many other fragrances. When I first wore it I knew it's smell but not because I'd smelled it on someone else before as in not tied to memory yet extremely familiar without being comfortable like a gourmand or something, elegant and rich. Might be the closest I'll find to a perfect fragrance, the only thing I don't really love is the opening but I'd never want them to change it.

  • Unknown - 6th Jul 2015

    lives up to the hype

    Great scent I'm addicted!

  • Unknown - 24th Jun 2015

    As advertised!!!

    I heard a lot of hype about this fragrance so I ordered a 2ml decant from Surrender to Chance. One sniff of this fragrance and it exceeded all the hype it receives. This fragrance smells like it should be $350 dollars a bottle.

  • Brian Donner - 28th Apr 2015

    Great fragrance

    Creed Aventus is a great fragrance for men with very good projection and sillage. It comes on with top notes of lush pineapple and citrus, and finishes with an aromatic smokey birch that lingers for hours. Highly recommended. Here's a suggestion: Layer Creed Aventus with Reyane Insurrection Pure. Insurrection Pure is a close clone of Aventus, and costs about one tenth as much(!) It's a great fragrance in its own right, but when layered with Aventus it's just terrific. Here's how I do it: 5 to 6 sprays of Insurrection Pure, then 1 good spray of Aventus over the top. Try it.

  • Todd Breninghouse - 3rd Mar 2015

    best fragrance on earth

    I don't care what others say.. There is NOTHING that compares to this scent..I love it, my fiancee loves it..everyone I come in contact with on a daily basis compliments me on how good I smell. Most people have never smelled it let alone heard of Creed Aventus. Yes its pricey but you get what you pay for just like Rolex,MercedesBenz etc quality and exclusivity.. Thanks again will be ordering a larger bottle as I wear it Daily

  • M. D. - 1st Dec 2014

    Compliments left and right

    I tried this frag based on some reviews in a forum and wow! I couldn't be more pleased! The first time I wore it out I got a surprising number of random compliments. It is definitely in my top choices. I will say I did get one person who didn't like it but since not all olfactory glands are created equal, that's to be expected with any frag.

  • vernon freeman - 31st Mar 2014

    man old man

    I only got to say one thing about this cologne.its the king of cologne's the other's can't hang.

  • Lynne - 20th Jan 2014

    Great for gals too!

    I love this for me! I know how it smells on guys, but I'm not afraid to wear it too! It's smooth, woody, and the smoky pineapple is to die for!! More gals should consider this!!!!

  • Matt - 24th Nov 2013

    One of a kind

    Great for any occassion. Some batches have more pineapple than others. If you can only afford one Creed, I'd say make this your first then snag GIT later.

  • Unknown - 18th Sep 2013

    Masculine scent

    Definitely one of my favorite in the house. Clean, Sweet smelling n I love the smokey or pineapple note in each different batch. Mad compliments from people when wearing this. Last 8-10 + hours on me. Everyone who loves smoky, leathery n fruity colognes get your nose on this.

  • Unknown - 11th Jun 2013

    I Have Washed Dishes

    A fruity-leather mash up that would make a better dish washing liquid than actual fragrance. Poor trajectory, tenacity, durability. A sort of water perfume at best.