Dior Sauvage Parfum

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 Dior Sauvage  - a modern interpretation of the original Dior Eau Sauvage was introduced in 2015 in an edt. The Parfum version was released in 2019, created by Francois Demachy.   Inspired by the landscapes of moonlit prairies, dark skies and campfires, it is warm and oriental with notes of of bergamot, mandarin, elemi, sandalwood, olibanum, tonka bean and vanilla.

Reviews of Dior Sauvage Parfum

 From Basenotes - "You have the same sauvage dna as always, but it introduces itself with a subtle fruitiness that seems to bring about a fullness, arguably presenting itself as the complete version of this dna, finally realized to its full potential. The edt and edp are now left to be redefined to history as noble, yet nonetheles failed attempts along the road to creating a legend. It's more versatle than its predecessors and is thus more wearable in all situations. It doesnt give off a juvenile vibe like the edt, while also not swaying too sharply the other direction like the edp can do."

Fragrantica - "Easily the best in the line. Sauvage is a strange beast of perfumes, both ethereal and abrasive, loud yet distant. This Parfum version wrangles Sauvage, tames it, domesticates its animal nature. If you enjoy Sauvage EDT or EDP, but don't want to enter every room like a bull in a china shop, shattering the noses of all around you in turn, check out the Parfum version."

Fragrantica - "I’ve never smelled such a beautifully blended, rich, resinous warmth from a designer fragrance. It helps I absolutely love the scent of sandalwood, and this has a truly beautiful sandalwood note that is just so rich, smooth, creamy, but still feels light in a way... it’s not an overbearing “woodiness” or spice, just... smooth. This is the sweetest out of the line, and the smoothest, but also the most subdued, it’s fairly low key. It does not project or demand attention like the EDT, and is even warmer than the EDP. The biggest difference is the immediate sweetness and the rich, smooth nature of this Parfum. You can tell it’s sauvage, but it’s grown up, and it doesn’t really caret if all your friends smell it or not... it’s fairly elusive. Not for the masses trying to find themselves, but for the one who knows themselves and knows what they seek. It’s warm, confident, but deeply alluring with a hint of mystery and adventure, and never losing that invigorating Sauvage freshness. It just doesn’t beat you over the head with it, because this parfum is all about attraction, rather than promotion."