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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Diptyque Eau Rihla launched in 2023. It is part of Diptyque's two fragrance Middle East Collection attached to the sensorial experiences of Arabian culture. Eau Rihla will wake up your curious side. The fragrance is heavy in leather notes that mirror the fragrant spirit of a Souk filled with spices. The scent features pink peppercorn and cultural Atlas Mountain cedar, topped with gentle flavors of vanilla and saffron to balance the worlds of masculinity and femininity. In Arabic, "Rihla" means "travel". In Eau Rihla, spicy pink peppercorn and the Atlas cedar evoke the roads of the Middle East. The lively, woody accords are softened along the way by iris, vanilla and saffron. As it would in the heart of the desert, the fragrance becomes warm. Eau Rihla is an eau de parfum, edp. 

From their website: Under the desert sun, the sand dunes give way to the ruins of ancient cities. Two travellers advance along the path, the pages of their leather notebooks filling up with sketches before nightfall... Diptyque’s history is charged with memories such as this one. Since the origins of the Maison, the Middle East and its imagery have nourished its creations. From the beginning of the 1960s, Diptyque’s founders crisscrossed the routes of the region, roaming its landscapes. Eau Rihla evokes these travels, which have inspired a perfume conceived as the chronicle of a long journey, where leather, in all its splendour, changes throughout its composition. At first, the spicy liveliness of pink peppercorn and the woody notes of Atlas cedar create a vibrant accord. Then, as iris, vanilla and saffron come into play, the fragrance warms up, softens, and takes on the comfort of a second skin. Rihla means “journey” in Arabic. A journey whose olfactory imprint instantly reawakens the memory of other inspiring and captivating horizons. A leather note was specially developed for Diptyque to enhance the composition of Eau Rihla. This natural ingredient with a leathery scent was obtained from Chinese cedar wood. It is a “vegetal” leather with an evocative fragrance. 


Fragrantica: It smells like money and leather. New car smell if your car is a Lamborghini. Light fruitiness indicates a strong woman is driving. It’s a great road to be on, just not the one for me. Edit: I can see what others are saying about a sunbaked leather on a ranch too. My first thought was Lamborghini because of how expensive it smells, but I do see expensive sports cars as a hot weather item too. I think the fact that it’s SUCH a realistic warm leather is what makes it a scent I can’t reasonably wear in rainy Wales.

Fragrantica: My first time enjoying a leather note. It's like, leather that's been left out in the sun all day. Such warmth. It's being out on a ranch, and there's fruit juice residue on sticky fingers from scarfing down a handful of berries, then wiping fuscia stains on saddle leather. When I smelled it at the store, I didn't immediately think I would wear it myself, but I couldn't stop inhaling, and was convinced (easily) to purchase. On a strip, the leather note lasts longer, but on me, the sweetness of berry is intensified. So soft, so warm, so lovely. An instant top five candidate, I'd say.

Fragrantica: I love this perfume. What attract me first was the name and its meaning. Eau Rihla (meaning journey). So I was excited to discover it. First of all it came in the most insane lush leather looking box..just unpacking it felt special..I was already on a high..then the artwork on the bottle, bringing you the imagery of the a warm mysterious desert scenery. On the first spritz, it’s a fresh opening with a hint of raspberry but soon become mysterious with the leather but not dirty leather, clean but still powdery where you just want more..Anyway I never go over 3 sprays and it lasted me all day with every time someone came near me, they would comment on how nice my perfume was. It is my favourite Diptyque at the moment and I could feel it becoming a signature smell. Not sure how it will behave with warm I prefer fresher smell when it’s hot, to cool my spirit down..But maybe when the sun goes down in summer, it will still be perfect.

Fragrantica: So heavenly. intoxicating, comforting, sexy. This is the first and only leather fragrance I am head over heels for.

Fragrantica: 'Where to start. A letter to he who wears Eau Rihla. Can I just start by saying this smells a million times more interesting sweet and memorable than TF TV. I don't think Diptyque ripped TF at all. This fragrance is effeminate and sweet. It doesn't scowl at you like TV does. You only need one spray, two if you're feeling really crazy. Truthfully you probably only need two sprays weekly. It is truly eternal. I would spray it on the collar of my shirt at his house and the smell would linger for weeks if not months. The scent of the dry down just gets better, rounder, over time. THIS scent is absolutely beast mode. It smells like sharing a punnet of raspberries with someone who could potentially love you. This fragrance lets people know you’re more worldly or whatever than them because you have to go to New York or some shit to get it. One can only wonder of someone whose signature scent is Eau Rihla what their signature was before it. Surely they just spawned from the primordial soup smelling like that….' I used to find this scent really fresh but now when I am around this person who wears it strictly, the peppery smell is overpowering and it sort of smells like cigarettes or dry, hot ground. I will say it is definitely "hot". It's pink peppercorn for god's sake. This scent will /not/ deceive anyone of the wearer's Psychorigidité. It's good for men who think they are better than others but don't want to assert it too overtly. Like him, memory of Eau Rihla pulversizes in its absence. I stand by my claims about its longevity, however...

Fragrantica: Essentially everything nice from the Tom Ford Tuscan Leather extracted and reinterpreted in the ethereal and elegant style of Diptyque. If the Tom Ford is the flashy, gritty, edgy older brother, Eau Rihla is the elegant, sophisticated younger brother. A similar saffrony suede note runs through the formula but it is softened by loads of powdery iris and musk in the base. If you like the idea of a saffron-y suede but want more of a translucent and gentle approach, then this is for you.

Fragrantica: This.... is what I hoped Bibliotheque would be. I enjoy that scent as well but the fruit is a bit too cloying and the leather is not as rich. I was afraid that the raspberry note would fade over time, but it really stuck around until the end! Projection is impressive, I tested 1 dense spray on an arm and caught full whiffs of it for the next 4-5 hours. The iris adds a lovely softness. It's warm and sweet and buttery but definitely unisex.