Heretic Parfum Coeur Noir

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Heretic was founded by Douglas Little who also founded D.L. & Company, the fabulous premium candle and gift company. Heretic is a natural fragrance line. In information from the company's website: Natural fragrance is a unique, relatively unexplored niche within the fragrance world–outside of spa/aromatherapy products. Natural fragrances are much like wine: one can detect nuances of the plant, the soil and its setting; these fragrances have character that cannot be found or replicated synthetically. Uniquely alive, these fragrances are olfactory fingerprints. The name heretic refers to someone who eschews the masses, preferring their own pathways of thinking.

Fragrance is often defined by categories, pyramid and notes and Couer Noir (Black Heart) is all about the heart or middle notes. The name refers to the thick, sweet tar-like notes at the heart of this fragrance. Coeur Noir features top notes of benzoin and black pepper; a middle note of labdanum; and a base note of Madagascar vanilla absolute. It is an eau de parfum, edp.

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