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Histoires de Parfums is a French perfumes company created by Gerald Ghislain in 2000, and he takes his inspiration from, obviously!, history, and he set out to create a library of perfumes from history, whether a character or a period of time, to tell stories about the past with fragrance. 

Ghislain was born in France and spent his youth in Morocco and was trained at ISIPCA.  His first perfume from memory is Yves Saint Laurent Opium, the perfume his mother wore.

Histoires de Parfums cover feminine and masculine characters, like George Sand, Mata Hari, Marquis de Sade, Colette; and the irreverents, which are interpretations of three flowers – patchouli, violet and peony; cult books like timeless classics or exclusive editions; the Tuberose Trilogy, a tribute and three different interpretations of this sensuous flower; 1889 Moulin rouge, a tribute to the Moulin Rouge, the French Cancan, cabarets and Paris; and Edition Rare, luxury takes on vegetative, mineral and animal – petrol, rose and amber.  The Edition Rare are interesting and unique

Histoires de Parfums are sold in 120 ml bottles, 60 ml bottles, and they also have a little Nomad kit where you can pick 3 of the perfumes for inclusion in a little pouch in 14 ml spray bottles.

Gerald Ghislain, a prolific perfumer, launched another perfume company in 2012 called The Scent of Departure.  The fragrance line has 14 cities at launch, and their names are based on their airport code – Paris, London, Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul and Bali.  His love of travel as well as history is translated into both of his fragrance lines, Histoires de Parfums and Scent of Departure, and his trademark as a perfume is his ability to balance his perfumes that make them effortless to wear.

Try a Histoires de Parfums Edition Rare perfume sample to experience some of the best perfumes this line has to offer.

Histoires de Parfums

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