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Honore des Pres perfumes was launched in 2008 by Christian David with a unique twist, and they roll under the motto “Rich is Simple.”  Niche French perfumes done with naturals.  Not to say natural perfumes haven’t been done in French perfumes, but they snagged Olivia Giacobetti to create the perfumes – the perfect first step!  They wanted the fragrances to have a broad appeal while staying natural, and Olivia’s talents are a great fit.  These perfumes are ones you do not believe are entirely natural. They are, but the materials and the talent that created them is so great, they don’t have any of the smell that you normally associate with natural perfumery.

Olivia Giacobetti has created some of the best fragrances made, in the niche perfume world and others – Hermes Iris (straightforward, perfect iris), Diptyque Philosykos, L’Artisan Passage D’Enfer (lilies and incense, just spectacular) and L’Artisan Dzing.  She also developed her own line of fragrances, Iunx, which are sold in one location in the world – in Paris, in a teeny shop next to Hotel Costes. But, hey, it’s Olivia, and I’m a fangirl, so it’s worth the trip.

Working with Robertet, a raw perfume materials company in Grasse, known for some of the most luxurious and finest quality natural fragrance materials in the world, they created the natural ingredients that would fit their Ecocert label and make Honore des Pres.

They use 100% botanical ingredients, all organic, no synthetics, no petrochemicals, no coloring or phthalates, no animal testing, no skin allergies.

Their current perfume line-up includes I love les Carottes, Love Coco, Vamp a NY (big tuberose), Bonte’s Bloom, Chaman’s Party, Honore’s Trip, Nu Green and Sexy Angelic.  This is the perfect line for the perfume fan that doesn’t want or can’t have the level of chemicals in most perfumes, while still preserving an artistic vision of perfumery and great smell!