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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Coco Blanc is a gorgeous 100% natural gourmand fragrance that features soft noble woods, warm chai spices and exotic massoia. It is not overly sweet like the usual cotton candy gourmand fragrances. It is exceptionally long lasting on the skin and perfectly unisex in the drydown, finishing with buttery natural ambrette and spicy Maui-grown Hawaiian vanilla. 

Coco Blanc was named as one of Basenotes “500 Greatest Modern Perfumes”. It is an extrait de parfum.

Created by founder and perfumer Christi Meshell, House of Matriarch's fragrances are made using the highest quality, certified kosher, natural ethanol distilled in Washington (from organic apples and grapes) so they will continue to smell better and better with time. Halal approved. 


Fragrantica: Ohhhhhhh dayum! This is just plain yummy – it's like eating super rich, creamy white chocolate while you’re standing in the middle of an Indian spice shop. It’s warm and smoky and delicious. Full bottle worthy for sure!

Fragrantica: How do you like your vanilla??? A little smoky...a little boozy...a little spicy??? Maybe a little cream??? This is just gorgeous!!! Seriously, one word of warning, if you spray this on you or someone you love prepare to spend the rest of the day either sniffing your arm or your beloved. I know rum is not listed but this definitely has a boozy tone. It's probably the spices in the chai that are throwing me off. This is heavenly right out of the bottle. The smoky vibe is so soft and sexy...a sensual whisper not a shout. A seductive look, hunger in the eyes and a rolling of a finger that beckons you to come a little closer...closer...closer!!! Rich, elegant and sophisticated!!! Expensive??? Yes, but sometimes that is the price we pay for something gorgeous, niche, and masterfully blended. For me, there is no question it is worth it. Full bottle??? You bet your sweet tushy!!! If you love Les Nombres d'Or Vanille you will love this!!! Christi Meshell...You little vixen you!!! xoxo  Edit...I can't believe I forgot to mention the chocolate...blasphemous!!! The chocolate in this is creamy gorgeous chocolate love!!! Every time I wear this I love it more and more!!!

Fragrantica: Coco Blanc represents, at least on paper, the polar opposite to what generally draws me into fragrance and yet, it's surprisingly fascinating. A fatty, oily mix of milky notes, massoia and butter paired to a super-spiced, kind of chai-tea accord laying on a slightly dirty woody-musky base. Honestly, it's weird, plain weird actually, but it works. It keeps the wearer's attention alive for hours without falling into predictable *yummy-yummy* territories.

Fragrantica: Mmmm Deep vanilla cream with some woods and chai spices. Winter heaven in a bottle. I have dabbled in some natural perfumes before so I know that it is rare to find stuff that actually has a good longevity; I smelled this on my shirt the next day-delightful this stuff! I am not sure why people are focussed on price, for sure it is more expensive but so are any other high quality houses like Guerlain etc. Gorgeous gorgeous juice these houses, just means I have to be very patient and save. This stuff lasted over 14 hours on my clothes, skin was at least 8-9 hours and ended up being a creamy vanilla and white chocolate balanced beautifully with smooth smooth sandalwood.

Fragrantica: Holy moley!!! This is simply awesome beautifully woody and gourmand exactly the right combination to keep you nose interested. The ingredients are all natural and give such a real edible chocolaty quality without becoming too sweet or over the top with it. Beautiful milky buttercream and white chocolate give way to a more mature woody heart that sits gorgeously just above the skin and doesn't become too vanilla feminine. I love gourmand fragrances but sometimes think to myself ..."would I want to smell like that?" and in this instance the answer is a resounding YES! It's one for wearing in bed with your lover...yummy! It's a must have for either a man or a woman.

Fragrantica: Yes, this for a short time was my undiscovered gorgeous secret. Incredibly sensual and seductive you would never guess it was 100% natural. It is rich milky massoia chai and woods, not really smokey or boozy on me, more rich complex rich woods and thick vanilla as a supporter of massoia and woods. Rounding the edges of the woodsy-vanilla in a light powdery delight is a luscious white chocolate accord that is intoxicating. Overall is a rich intoxicating scent but it is also airy and 'natural' as it sits fairly close to skin, and, for that reason, it is never cloying or 'too much', it is though enough to draw others in, over and over. So gorgeous, the first scent that will be forever in my wardrobe , or as long as it is produced. 

Fragrantica: LOVE this. It was a total blind buy but I've been eyeing it for years and I read up on it a lot to really make sure it would be for me. I just knew it was. And it is! But don't get it twisted- this is not a true gourmand, at least not to me. There is a faint white chocolate element but no more than in for example Coromandel. This is no foody scent, and it is not sweet. Coco Blanc is, at it's heart, a woody scent, and that is it's main purpose. I don't want anyone to get disappointed because they were expecting a gourmand, foody scent. This is not that. The website mentions sandalwood so that is in there as well as some generally woody notes. This perfume stands out for me, obviously, because of it being a natural perfume. I believe this one is 100% natural (some of hers are 99% natural, etc, but HoM is considered a natural perfume house). This leads the woody notes to smell very complex, soft (no harsh edges anywhere!) and realistic. TBH, this is everything I was expecting from Santal Blush but didn't get- wood-focused, slightly spicy scent- and HoM does it so much better. But of course with these kinds of quality, natural raw materials, there is so much potential. Okay so to describe the scent more completely- I get an initial hit of woods upon spraying- soft, sensual, almost creamy, very SMOOTH woods, with that hint of white chocolate, and the chai spices floating in the background. This is the main part of the scent and lasts a couple hours. Then maybe around hour 3 you hit the final stage- vanilla and musk, and the perfume gets a tad sweeter in this stage. Overall the perfume is VERY soft so you will have to apply much more heavily than normal. It also doesn't last too long, but that's due to the lack of chemical fixatives, and inherent in most natural perfumes, so I can't fault her for that. Overall I HIGHLY recommend if you are looking for a gorgeous woody scent. The only downsides- the scent is VERY expensive, VERY soft, and doesn't last long. But while it lasts- HEAVEN!

Fragrantica: I love love love Coco Blanc. I think I've never come across anything like it before. On me it's a heavenly concoction of woods, spices and vanilla, with the spices and woods taking up most of the space as it progresses. It's also slightly buttery. I wish I could bathe in this stuff and I've received some very nice compliments while wearing it. Especially the one my boyfriend gave me shortly after getting my bottle. I was standing quite far away from him when I was getting ready to go out and sprayed some Coco Blanc on. Only 30 seconds later he says without looking up from his phone, "whatever you just put on smells great". He is really fussy when it comes to perfumes so a compliment from him means he really likes it. I was also surprised that he could smell it from that far away from me. The only negative thing I can say about it is the performance. Like with other HOM perfumes, the longevity isn't major, although if sprayed in hair it will last surprisingly long, and it doesn't radiate loudly at all. After only 2 hours on me it's a skin scent. But that is to be expected with an all natural perfume. If a delicious combination of chai spices, smoky wood and heavenly vanilla and white chocolate, with some smooth butter sound appealing to you, definitely try it out.

Fragrantica: Heard a lot about this scent so had to purchase a sample. Very subtle fragrance which wears close to my skin. To my nose it is mainly a dry woody musky skin-scent with a some milky/froth notes and a hint of unsweetened white chocolate.

Fragrantica: Time for me to revise my previous review here. Over time I have found that this perfume just feels like “me” more than anything else I’ve ever come across. I just love it so much and will continue to buy it as long as it is available (which is hopefully forever). There’s just nothing like it. The sandalwood in here is so pure, so high quality and just perfect. I love sandalwood and can be picky about it. The white chocolate is sweet and smooth. The vanilla is sweet but not overdone. I am a huge chai fan, as well, and the chai spices in here are scrumptious. It’s like this was made for me. I tried to fight loving it because it is expensive but I do feel it is worth it. Projection is not beast mode, but is enough for my husband to notice and spontaneously compliment me whenever I wear it. I also love that Coco Blanc is all natural. I have a little one and I worry about exposing him to chemicals from fragrance. Also, the packaging is just beautiful and fits my taste perfectly. If this were more affordable it could definitely be my signature. Now that I’m more into niche I don’t really understand the hate that this gets for being pricey when there are so many expensive luxury niche perfumes. At least with House of Matriarch you know you are getting the highest quality natural ingredients.

Fragrantica: This won awards for a reason. The most realistic and mouth watering fragrance I have ever smelled and it is of the unique note of white chocolate. I find this fragrance very sexy and screams to be worn in white. I found it to project well for the first 30 minutes before it slowly becomes a skin scent and last for about 4 and a half hours. I found it more on the feminine side of things personally. This could be your next intimate or seductive fragrance ladies.

Fragrantica: Boozy vanilla on top of a creamy sandalwood foundation, rounded off with chai spices. The overall composition is far more woody and dry than one would expect given the name "white chocolate", and in turn, far more unisex and agreeable than a sickly sweet feminine gourmand. The vanilla and white chocolate accord do scream out feminine in every way, but I think people often times fail to mention how much of a key aspect the sandalwood note is - possibly mysore given it's strength and pungency - and I think the men trying this out could be pleasantly surprised. If you're in the "vanilla is for women" boat, then this may not be worth the further inspection. Certainly try before you buy. The price alone might scare some people off, but given some of the natural materials used and the perfumers approach on blending, I can understand why. 

Fragrantica: For some reason, this fragrance has great longevity on me. I get about 3-4 hours of 1-2 feet projection. Then it projects under a a foot from 4-6 hours. Then by about hour 10 it’s a skin scent. That’s more than enough performance IMO. This scent is very intimate, however, I did buy this for myself not to pick up chicks. With that being said, this scent is truly beautiful. It takes you back to a place you’ve been before. Something I noticed about this fragrance is that temperature impacts it’s longevity greatly. If it’s hot, forget about it, it’ll be gone in fewer than 3 hours. But only chilly days, this thing just keeps it coming which is okay because this meant for chilly weather IMO. I highly recommend getting a sample at the very least!

Fragrantica: Coco Blanc is like an epic date. You've been waiting to see this person and now it's finally happening. After a walk through the city as the sun sets on a cool evening, you head into a chic and cozy bar. You've scored the best seats in the house - an intimate table for two next to a huge pizza-oven-turned-fireplace. Taking off your sexy and smart leather jacket, you settle into a chair, leaning in to learn more about this person. Over two white chocolate martinis, you spend the evening talking about everything you can think of. Ordering another round, you wish this evening, the crackling, smoky firelight, the smiles, the looks, would go on forever. From now on chocolate martinis are your secret favorite, because they will always remind you of this night. So few fragrances can transport me like this one. It's a grown-up gourmand. The white chocolate, smoke, leather, wood, and milky and boozy touches are blended to perfection. Such a unique, beautiful bottle too. The art of perfume. 10/10