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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Bonbons a la Vanille is a grown-up vanilla candy fragrance. It is a comforting, cozy fragrance featuring a Tahitian vanilla bean ganache with a perfectly slightly burnt caramel center that recreates the sweet, indulgent scent of a vanilla bonbon. Peru balsam adds richness and warmth creating a fragrance that lingers on the skin for hours. LuckyScent noted that for lovers of Tihota, this is a must try! Bonbons a la Vanille features notes of Tahitian vanilla beans, Peru balsam and oakmoss. It is an eau de parfum, edp.

Kyse Perfumes is a small batch indie perfumer.


Fragrantica: Damn, the vanilla smells good (even edible) in this simple scent -- never underestimate the power of good ingredients!

Fragrantica: Great vanilla! Balsamic, sweet, very interesting.

Fragrantica: I love this one! It's sweet, creamy vanilla with some muskiness. Performance is good for me as well. I have Tihota and can say they definitely smell similar, especially in the dry down. I just got my bottle of Bonbons so I'm going to let it macerate for a month or two. Edit/ after decanting 5ml for my friend and letting it sit for over a month, it's definitely stronger and I get a ton of vanilla with musk. And now it smells like 95% similar to Tihota. I love it.

Fragrantica: Bonbons à La Vanille reminds me of a super dense & rich vanilla pound cake with the graham cracker crust being just slightly burnt. This closely compares to Indult Tihota however the major difference on my skin is that Tihota is a muskier pure vanilla scent while Bonbons à La Vanille is more heavier, smokier & woodier vanilla. Also I must mention that Bonbons à La Vanille has a bit of a candle waxy vibe to it - as if the wax of a vanilla candle was burning. Personally, I prefer Tihota just because I like the simplicity of just a rich vanilla dominant scent & I don't care for the smokier & woodier vibe I get from Bonbons à La Vanille HOWEVER for the price point you cannot go wrong! Tihota is a pretty penny and if you are looking for something that will hit the spot I think Bonbons à La Vanille is a good buy! On my skin it lasts awhile & the sillage is amazing - better than Tihota for sure! I would say this is smack down unisex but can seen more men gravitating towards Bonbons à La Vanille because of that more smokier woodier vibe. However...I wont be repurchasing another bottle. I will though 100% be buying Kyse's Bonbons à La Vanille body butter moisturizer - they are the best smelling & moisturizing body butters I have ever tried and this will layer beautifully with Tihota!

Fragrantica: Heck YES! This is so so so so so SO good! I feel like I've been searching for this scent for SO long. It's such a delicious sweet vanilla musk. It reminds me a lot of Tihota and Victoria's Secret's discontinued Vanilla Lace - but it's better than Vanilla Lace. Honestly, I know Tihota has so much love, but I think this is better on my skin. There's a weird stale root beer vibe with Tihota on my skin - but Kyse works perfectly!!!

Fragtantica: First impression: it smells sweet & fairly nice & kinda pretty but definitely not enough to make it worth buying, especially not at this price point. It's a fairly, faint scent with mild-to-medium sillage but, surprisingly, the musk notes still have a really amazing longevity because, 4 to 5 hours later (even after washing my hands multiple times), even though all the other notes were gone, I could still smell a faint, musky powder on my skin. It should be noted that the musk used in this fragrance is a bit more musty and animalic than I personally like but I know others who enjoy it. If you enjoy fragrances with strong, animalic musk & a hint of sweetness, you will definitely enjoy this. (Neither my hubby nor I can stand animalic musk so, on a personal level, it's a definite no for me).

Fragrantica: I had a sample of Kyse BonBons a la Vanille from an order I had gotten a few months ago and put it in my closet without smelling it and forgot about it. Fast forward to last week when I was playing with some of my samples and this was one of them. I put a little on my hand and smelled it (not expecting much because I like vanilla but have never been blown away by it)..and kept smelling it, and just could not stop smelling it. I ran into the living room all excited and asked my husband to smell it and asked if he smelled the gorgeousness that I had smelled, and he said that it smells like vanilla ice cream to him, which is just fine because I am a gourmand lover. But I was getting more than ice cream. I was getting that little bit of musk also that grounds the perfume and it was heavenly. Went to visit my parents the next day and they kept telling me how good I smelled! When I called them the next day my mom told me that I had smelled so good (again, LOL!) when I had come to visit and I told her about Bonbons (and am thinking about getting her a bottle for Christmas!). I am now obsessed with Bonbons a la Vanille and have found the vanilla that I will keep in my collection forever, as long as it's made. It is described as a grown up vanilla candy on the website and that is exactly what it is, and oh my gosh it lasts forever on me! It's pure heaven!

Fragrantica: Here to confirm the similarities to Tihota! There is a SLIGHTLY floral element added that Tihota doesn’t doesn’t have - but they are both the same warm, chewy, caramelized vanilla pod, and getting whiffs throughout the day gives the exact same impression!! Longevity and projection can’t ever compare to the beast mode that Tihota is on though, this is much more humble as a beautiful personal skin scent. Delicious!

Fragrantica: I love this little beauty. Yummy, cozy, sweet but not overly sweet. It's an all year round vanilla. Great for layering with other perfumes. I have a few from this house and this one is my favourite. Yes it does smell a lot like my beloved Tihota but just in the opening. The drydown is a bit musky and the Peru balsam note is prominent. Those who love vanilla perfumes would love this. Safe for blind buy if you love gourmands. I love it as a bedtime scent as its so comforting. A solid 9/10

Fragrantica: Omg, YUM. This very well might be my favorite “plain” vanilla fragrance. When I first sprayed the perfume, I might have made a little confused face as I was used to this scent laying on and blending with my skin, not wafting in the air around me, but I quickly got accustomed to it and used my sample up in less than 48 hours. My MIL said she smelled cinnamon, asked what I was baking from the other room! (Kyse has astounding sillage and projection.) A woman at work said I smell like brown sugar. All in all I adore Bonbons and hope it’s never discontinued or I’ll have to stock up. 


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