Laurent Mazzone (LM Parfums) Unique Russia Extrait de Parfum - Black Label Collection

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Unique Russia is part of the Black Label Collection. Created as an ode and tribute to Russia, the press information reads:

Lost and modern, traditional and looking to the future, contrasting and bright. "Wherever I was in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg or Penza, I saw very special atmosphere. The hospitality and open hearts of Russians amazed and fascinated me." - Laurent Mazzone. It is a contrasting fragrance with rebellious temper: as fresh as a winter wind, warm as Moscow summer. Then patchouli and woody notes are being revealed, they tell us about masculinity and strength of Russian people. The final chords reveal incense and musk, which reflect the true beauty and grace of Russian women. Magical, mysterious and alluring. Unique Russia is created for those who love refinement, gentility and elegance. 

Unique Russia features top notes of pepper, nutmeg, coriander, cardamom and ginger; middle notes of patchouli, eagle wood, sandalwood and amber; and base notes of musk, vanilla, incense and labdanum. It is an extrait de parfum.

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