Laurent Mazzone Sensual & Decadent (LM Parfums)

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 Laurent Mazzone Sensual & Decadent was released in 2015, created by Jerome Epinette.  Baroque decadence, glittery gold, glamour and sensuality.

Notes of rhubarb, heliotrope, labdanum, benzoin, and vanilla. Laurent Mazzone Sensual & Decadent is an extrait de parfum.

 Laurent Mazzone Sensual & Decadent Reviews

From Kafkaesque - "Still, it’s an ideal sort of vanilla for someone like me. First, there is butter, not sugar. Sensual & Decadent’s debut doesn’t drip with white sugar like so many fragrances in the genre, at least not initially. A lot of vanilla fragrances that I’ve tried smell like crème brulée and have a thick crust of sugar that’s been caramelized and, frequently, burnt to the point of bearing almost an acrid undertone. "

From Bleaublog - "LM puts his signature in very opulent, decadent, animal note. Sensual & Decadent is opposite, it offers divine beauty of sensual and warm skin tones. It’s like a small box of creamy, delicious materials for skin anointment."