Liquides Imaginaires Blanche Bete

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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Liquides Imaginaires Blanche Bete was launched in 2021. Created by Louise Turner, it has gained a devoted following for those who love lactonic, milky fragrances. It is warm, comforting and enveloping with the additions of incense and vanilla, without veering off into being sweet. Fair warning, though, opinions on it vary wildly from love to sheer hate, so it is one that really should be sampled before buying. Notes of milk, ambrette, Mystikal (Givaudan incense), tuberose, Mahonial, jasmine, incense, vanilla, musk, tonka bean and cacao. Liquides Imaginaires Blanche Bete is an eau de parfum, edp. 
From the brand - "Blanche Bête is the fragrance that will transport you to an enchanted garden, where a mythical creature roams. With notes of white flowers and opaline light, this fragrance embodies the purity and magic of the legendary white horse with a single horn. Blanche Bête represents the power of imagination and creativity, a symbol of love and mystery. Let yourself be enchanted by the elusive presence of Blanche Bête, and let its magic take you to a world beyond the ordinary."

Liquides Imaginaires Blanche Bete Reviews

Fragrantica - "As a man who generally sticks to masculine-leaning fragrances, Blanche Bete surprised me quite a bit. Admittedly it was not love at first sight on my skin. It smelled too much like sour milk to me but I figured I would ride it out before making my final judgement call. Boy, am I glad that I did. This fragrance really shines after about half an hour, and just keeps getting better. As it dries down the tonka and incense really come out more and it becomes more balanced in my opinion. You still get quite a lot of sweetness and a bit of white florals, but once the cacao note comes through I think this becomes the perfect fragrance. After a few hours I mainly smell a creamy, coconutty, cacao fragrance with hints of florals and incense, a perfect blend of everything anyone could want. I understand why this leans feminine, but I definitely think this is an easy fragrance for a man to pull off."

Fragrantica - "WOW.. I’m in love. This is fluffy, creamy, musky, and addicting. At first I wasn’t blown away, as it just smelled like a basic lactonic fragrance, but it dried down into this beautiful fluffy musk that I couldn’t get enough of. The addition of white florals and incense makes it even more interesting and unique."

Fragrantica - "Creamy and soft as kitten fur. I get an almond note on myself even though it's not listed. I agree with a previous reviewer. This wasn't very impressive to me initially. It starts on me as a sweet almond and white musk (I was lightly reminded of the taste of Jordan almonds), nice enough but I wasn't getting anything that I'd describe as a milk or cream note. It wasn't until the dry down phase that I saw why this was always recommended for people looking for lactonic fragrances. As it dries down further I start to get a surprisingly realistic milk note among some sweetness, musk and light white florals that just amplify the creaminess. Now I get why this one is recommended to try if lactonic fragrances are your thing. Still, I wouldn't blind buy it because I think all lactonic fragrances have the chance of going sour on people. Almost every lactonic fragrance has a percentage of reviewers who say the scent goes sour/cheesy/baby vomit on them. Always test lactonic fragrances before buying."

Fragrantica - "First try: dabbed some on my inner elbow. Now HERE is a lactonic frag I can get behind! Lightly gourmand, but floral and also smoky, this is getting richer the longer I wear it. I keep getting whiffs of the fragrance and it's so cozy and pleasant. Like coconut custard."

Fragrantica - "It was not love at first sniff. I got a very strong coconut smell and felt it was quite basic. But I have since completely changed my mind. The magic happens about 30 minutes after sitting on the skin. It has a very addictive quality as the cacao note settles in. There is something ethereal and magical about it. It is very sensual, mysterious and almost otherwordly. I highly recommend this perfume to everyone who likes lactonic, not overly sweet gourmands. Longevity is great, and I have received lots of compliments. My dentist commented three times on how good I smelled at my dentist's appointment and I had worn the scent the whole day. Remember that the magic happens in the drydown."

Fragrantica - "I sprayed this on myself tonight before bedtime. I cannot shake the smell similarities to this Italian Crème cake I bake from scratch during the holidays. This perfume smells just like that cake... Fluffy cake, vanilla extract, coconut shavings, and pecans. What is so ODD is there are Zero notes of coconut in this but I swear it's fluffy coconut! Fluffy coconut spice cake! Gosh this so delectable!"

Fragrantica - "After wearing this for the day, I am upgrading my "like" to "love." The warm creamy musk left on my skin after many hours is really beautiful and my collection is lacking something with such longevity. I would say that the jawdropping spiritual experience I lacked in the opening is made up for in the beautiful, cozy dry down."