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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Suede Orris features top notes of mandarin, olibanum and elemi; middle notes of Tuscan orris, rose and jasmine absolutes; and base notes of cedarwood, labdanum and patchouli. It is an eau de toilette, edt and is vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free.

An excerpt of a review from Perfume Society:

We’ve been constantly impressed by the new scents Molton Brown has been coming out with, and Suede Orris is no exception.

A nod to the scents of yesteryear whilst retaining its modernity, it focuses on orris – the buttery, soft, powdery root of the iris flower, and a suede accord – also palpably soft, with a touch of leather to it. A scent created from an accord belonging to perfumer Jérôme di Marino‘s ‘private collection’ (a box of accords he works on in his personal time), it is an unabashed celebration of femininity, one we’d be happy wearing all day.

We spoke to perfumer Jérôme di Marino about the inspiration behind his creation: “We wanted to make a modern interpretation of a very traditional gesture – the gesture of scented gloves. So it’s referring to the 16th century, when Catherine de Medici came into the French court to get married to Henry II, and she came with her own perfumer, who came from Florence. It’s called Suede Orris, suede being a reference to the gloves, and orris a reference to the powder they used to fragrance the gloves.

It’s a very bright top with mandarin and crispy pear. It’s comforting and very sensuous with the softness of orris. Then we worked on a creamy rounded accord of suede, which is built around cistus absolute and patchouli, wrapped in a huge musk train, which provides a very comforting feeling. It’s a sensuous femininity with a quiet confidence. We didn’t want it to get stuck in the vintage smell of orris, this is more ethereal, bright. In the entire process, it’s been more about working on an intimate fragrance, something personal, for the inner femininity of a woman.

I worked with an absolute of orris, which is different from the concrete. In the concrete, you have the buttery, powdery, very classic aspects, and in the absolute you have much more modern aspects because it has almost a chocolate undertone, very rich, more rounded. They are very different. So, we worked with rose and jasmine to enhance the orris. And in the dry down its more about the rich woods; patchouli, cedarwood, and a slight touch of sandalwood, which is there to announce the creaminess of the suede, this impression of smooth skin. So that’s the main message, the DNA, of the fragrance.”

We were thrilled to smell this scent, a tribute to the sophistication of women, but even more thrilled to hear what Jerome had to say about working with Molton Brown, “Usually you have perfumers who work for brands, but with Molton Brown it was more of a partnership rather than me working for them. It was sharing the concept, the ideas, the message. Everything. They pay a lot of attention to the convictions and to the expression of what the perfumer wanted to say. Which gives at the end, a very authentic product. An intimate product.”

We couldn't agree more.

An excerpt of a review by Colognoisseur:

I’ve reached my saturation point with the new spring floral releases. Every year my mailbox overflows with spring fresh perfumes mostly around rose. They are so similar I must be very diligent when I am labeling my strips. I’ve sometimes been unable to discern any difference between the rose I dabbed on my wrist and the one nearer my elbow. Where I’ve generally found the alternatives to rose, rose, and more rose is in the smaller brands. One for this year is Molton Brown Suede Orris.

I say this every time I write about a new Molton Brown release, but they are like a hidden secret among the bath gel and lotions. Over the past few years there is a quite good collection of fragrance on the shelves of your local Molton Brown; Suede Orris is another of those.

When I look out at my flower garden in April I don’t just see roses. I see a lot of purple flowers. It is a purple flower which perfumer Jerome di Marino chooses. He was inspired by the tradition of orris scented leather gloves. This is an old-fashioned ideal going all the way back to the times of Lords and Ladies. It has seen a small renaissance as some contemporary women have enjoyed wearing a pair of scented leather gloves in the shoulder season between winter and spring. M. di Marino takes that older inspiration to a contemporary place.

Before the orris or leather appears, a citrus flash of mandarin provides a sparkling effect. Then in twin tracks the orris comes forth with a supple suede leather accord. The orris is tilted more toward the powdery side with only hints of the rooty side of the ingredient. The leather accord is made of olibanum, labdanum and patchouli. It comes together to provide an elegant contrast to the powdery orris. It all ends with clean lines of cedar in the base.

Suede Orris didn’t remind me so much of royal courts, but a pair of iris scented driving gloves on the steering wheel of a sports car.