Mona di Orio perfume store was launched in 2004 by Mona di Orio.  Born in France in 1969, she studied Fine Arts & Literature at University.  When she met legendary perfumer Edmond Roudnitska in 1987, the course of her life changed.

Mona told the story of her first perfume, one she had saved up for. When she finally went to buy Guerlain L'Heure Bleue, she was discouraged because she was so young!  She was not dissuaded and took her treasure home with her.  Her interest in perfume continued, and she eventually wrote Roudnitska, asking where she might find some of his out-of-print books.  She met him a year later, hoping to work with him. Roudnitska refused until she had training. So back to university she went, this time to get a degree in science.

Mona di Orio did go to work with Roudnitska for 15 years, until he died in 1996.  She continued on with the Roudnitska family, eventually launching her own line in 2004, Mona di Orio.

The first fragrances she launched were Nuit Noire, Lux, Carnation and Oiro.  Unique, leaning toward the animalic, they were very different.  She later created the Les Nombres collection that featured a specific note for each - rose, oud, vetiver, and others.

On December 9, 2011, Mona passed away unexpectedly following surgery, at the age of 42. I met her briefly once at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.  She was gentle, bright and a gifted perfumer.

Try a Mona di Orio Nuit Noire perfume sample to experience the classic first fragrance in this line.