Olivier Durbano perfumes were born as the idea of a French jeweler, who was trained as an architect, inspired to create perfumes that reflected the stones he worked with.  Each perfume is named for the stone – rock crystal, amethyst, black tourmaline, jade, citrine, turquoise, rose quartz.

As he worked with the stones, they told him a story, and they had a history and use, and he wanted to translate all that history and meaning into fragrance.  Bijoux de Pierres Poemes (Perfumes of Stones Poems) was born, and Olivier Durbano plans seven perfumes planned for the series. The first was launched in 2005.

Rock Crystal is centered on frankincense, and it represents the link between God and man.  Black Tourmaline is protection, and it has dark notes of oud, leather, woods, musk, and amber.  Amethyst is a protection against poison and fate and reflects inner peace; it features notes of incense, raspberry, jasmine, orris, musk and vanilla.  Jade stands for eternal life, love and power, as well as honesty – busy little stone! – And features notes of mint, orris, jasmine, patchouli, and immortelle. Citrine reflects peace, wisdom and is a symbol of hope, and its notes are elemi, mimosa, myrrh, musk, ginger, and carrot seed.  Pink Quartz is a saffron-infused rose fragrance that reflects like the stone.

Olivier Durbano has taken a completely unique approach to perfume, infusing it with his own unique sensibility as a jeweler, crafting each perfume to match the way he saw the stone, the qualities it has, the charms.  Met with much praise for the vision and quality of his perfumes, there is a sadness that Olivier Durbano is done with the 7-perfume Bijoux de Pierres Poemes series, and we only hope that he will launch something else and continue exploring his creativity and gifts around scent.

Olivier Durbano

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