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Penhaligon’s perfume is a perfume shop based in London.  Launched in the 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon, who also held the distinguished titles of Court Barber and Court Perfumer for Queen Victoria, it was a victim of World War II, having both of their perfume shops destroyed by bombings in 1941.

In 1975, Penhaligon’s was rescued from the ashes of history by Sheila Pickles, acquiring the formulas for the original Penhaligon’s perfumes from the founder – Hammam Bouquet, Blenheim Bouquet, English Fern, Douro, Eau de cologne, Zizonia, and Eau de Verveine.  They’ve since gone on and developed a wide range of perfumes, and the latest launch is due fall of 2012, Peoneve, created by Olivier Cresp, who also did their last release, Juniper Sling.  Peoneve has a drink that goes with it, the Peoneve Collins – gin and tea. 

Penhaligon’s is currently owned by Cradle Holdings, but has been owned in the past by Laura Ashley and also The Limited. Bluebell continues to be one of their perennial best-sellers, completely English to its core.

One of the more interesting moves Penhaligon’s made was hiring Bertrand Duchaufour to create Amaranthine, as well as a couple of other of their most recent fragrances.  UP until then, Penhaligon’s has a squeaky clean image, all lovely English florals and dapper, bracing colognes.  Amaranthine was just smutty.  Absolutely gorgeous and such a skanky smutty perfume. Amazing. For this decades old prim company, it was a wonderful move and exploration of where they wanted to take the company.

Contrast Penhaligon’s Amaranthine with the buttoned-up Blenheim Bouquet worn by the Duke of Marlborough and Winston Churchill, as well as Pope John Paul II and Jude Law.

Try a Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet sample or Amaranthine and experience how completely opposite these two fragrances are, but they reside under the same perfume shop.


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