Profumum perfumes is an Italian brand based in Rome.  Celestino and Lucia Durante were originally from a small village in Italy, Sant Elena Sannita.  After the Second World War, they went to Rome and opened a shop that sold soaps and beauty products.  

In 1996, their descendants wanted more freedom than they had withing the family business corporate structure and llaunched their line of exclusive luxury perfumes based on their memory of scents in their lives.  

They have created some unique and interesting perfumes. Profumum Acqua di Sale is salt on the skin.  Profumum Acqua e Zucchero is a gourmand orange blossom with notes of orange blossom, wild berries, vanilla.  Profumum Ambra Aurea is a very serious amber.  Dolce Acqua is a gourmand with tonka bean, heliotrope, almond and coconut.

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